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Idea's for Sibling Gifts

I know there have been many posts about this already- but what are some ideas for some sibling gifts? DD will be almost 4 and is an only child and the only grandchild and first girl for my i-laws so needless to say she's absolutely spoiled. And to add to that, My parents are divorced so she has three sets of grandparents that buy her anything and everything so I can't even come up with things to get her for Christmas. We are buying her clothes because there's nothing she doesn't have... 

So- with DS arriving a short time after Christmas (and her birthday is in June) I'm at a loss as to what to get for her... Suffice it to say as far as material possessions she's spoiled, and those things don't really matter to her anyway, she enjoys it for a brief time (like most kids) but that's about it.. 

I was thinking about maybe getting her a little jewelry box with her name on it- something she can use for a while. Thoughts? 

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