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4-5 Weeks -- Nothing on U/S

We just found out that we are pregnant (my first pregnancy). Although this pregnancy was not necessarily "planned", we are over the moon excited! With that being said, I'm not 100% sure how far along I actually am. I went in yesterday for my first doctors appointment and when they did the transvaginal ultrasound, there was nothing. Before I went in for the U/S my doctor told me there was a very good chance that we would not see anything. When she came in to speak to me she reiterated that it still might be too early, but she also mentioned not only a miscarriage, but an ectopic pregnancy as well. I have been a mess the past day or so. I am waiting on the results of my hormone test (as patiently as possible), and am praying that everything comes back as normal as possible. Any one have any words of wisdom or similar stories?

 Just a little background: I have had mild nausea, sore breasts, cramping (mostly on the right side), back pain, hightened sense of smell, could laugh or cry at the drop of a hat Tongue Tied, & fatigue.

Re: 4-5 Weeks -- Nothing on U/S

  • It is really early for you. Don't borrow trouble just yet. Hang tight. FX that everything is A-OK just you ovulated later and things are still taking a while to show up. When is your next ultrasound?

    I haven't even had my first appointment yet, but keeping positive vibrations going for you.  


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  • If you think you are about 45 weeks, that is pretty normal. You have symptoms, and unless you have bled significantly in the past few weeks, I wouldn't lean too heavy on the possibility of miscarriage. The most important thing is to RELAX. Doctors have to tell you all possibilities, but even they don't know without knowing how far you really are. Good luck!!

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  • My next appointment is January 9th, so I'm sure by then we will see something. I'm trying not to let the cat out of the bag too soon, so I feel a bit alone which means my mind is racing with thoughts. It's always nice to hear those reassuring words!

  • Had you been charting or doing anything that gives you an idea of when you ovulated?

    Also, out of pure curiosity, do you know why you had an u/s so early?  I mean 4-5 weeks is pretty early considering most OBs don't even do an u/s until the anatomy scan at 20w.  Were you seeing an RE?

    Don't worry and lots of luck at your next appointment!  

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  • All of this. I had a reverse u/s done with one of my pregnancies and they could not see the baby but went back 2 weeks later and boom there was baby just as happy as could be. Im sure you are way too early to see the baby yet.


  • i Od late, went in for a u/s and saw nothing (I was 3 weeks 6 days) i went back @ 5 weeks and we saw peanut. give it time, you are prob just too early. I had the exact same symptoms as you. 
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  • I'm sure it is just too early.  A lot of Doctors don't like to do them so early because most of the time you can't see anything.  Don't let it stress you out - you would know if there was something wrong with your pregnancy.  

    Good luck! 


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  • I had an u/s around 4 weeks and they saw nothing. My HCG levels grew nicely and I'm looking forward to another u/s next Friday. I got the same talk from my doc after the u/s. It is so hard to relax, but it is entirely probable that everything is perfect!
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  • This is the exactly reason why my OBGYN does not see people until at least the 8 week mark.  There's so many under eight week girls who are so affected by not seeing anything.
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    This is the exactly reason why my OBGYN does not see people until at least the 8 week mark.nbsp; There's so many under eight week girls who are so affected by not seeing anything.

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  • I just went thru the same thing. I went in to see the OB at 4w5d and while I was there he couldn't see anything on u/s. He told me it was probably too earlyand followed up with a 3rd round of betas. My beta came back great so I'm not really worried. My next u/s isn't till 1/9.

    It's good that you have symptoms! Just relax - stress isn't good for you or baby.

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  • i guess it depend on the doctor? i went and got an u/s after i was 2 days late and my doctor said he prob. couldnt find the sack but he did and it was position at the right location and then two weeks later i heard/saw the baby's heartbeat and was told im 6weeks 1day but that date can change.
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