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They're Here!


Thank you all for so much support all day yesterday! It meant so much to me and my family! So yesterday I woke up and my water broke around 2am. Then we waited and waited and the contractions finally started so we went to the hospital and just kept waiting and waiting for me to continue to dilate. I continued to dilate got my epidural and waited to get to 10cm. It took a long time. Roughly 15 hours from the time my water broke to when I reached 10. So then I pushed and pushed and pushed for what seemed like forever! Then at 6:38 pm

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Eden Alyssa made her arrival. Screaming her little head off. She weighs 5lbs 13oz and is 18 inches long.

Then I continued to push and push and push when at 7:02 pm

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Ilana Claire made her arrival. She was screaming too. She weighs 5lbs 11oz and is 18 inches long.

The girls are beyond perfect and I couldn't have asked for an easier or better pregnancy/labor.

This what right after they were both born:Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thank you so so so much! We are so in love with them! hope you all have a great day!

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