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How many presents are you getting LO?

I was doing some shopping today, and picked up a few things for Francesca. My question is, should I keep it even with my 4 yo, and 9 yo? I know she really doesn't know the difference, but I want to be fair. So how will you ladies do it? 


Re: How many presents are you getting LO?

  • I only have the one kid, and he only has 4 presents under the tree. 3 are wrapped normal sized gifts, and one is an activity center and will be covered in a blanket.

    I would make sure the gifts are "fair" between the 4yo and 9yo, and make sure it didn't look like the baby got any more than them, but I definitely don't think you need to get the baby more just so the 4&9yo see that everyone got the same amount. If they ask, you can explain that the baby doesn't need as much as they do or something like that (I'm sure a STM has better language there). 

    Micah Leonard
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  • Corinne is getting 5 presents from us (1 is a package of about 5 books) and 3 from Santa, but we're on the overboard side of the spectrum.

    I agree with pp, just make sure the baby doesn't have more than the older kids and I think you'll be fine. 



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  • We're not getting him anything (Embarrassed). We're having a low-budget Christmas, he has lots of stuff from DD and my MIL and SIL will go nuts on presents anyway.
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  • I have two children so I'm trying to keep the number of present equal. Although the baby probably won't know the difference. Next year I'll have to keep better track.



  • Having only one kid means there are a ton of presents under the tree....all for him! Haha. There are probably around 10 gifts wrapped under the tree and one gift in our room that we aren't wrapping. We are just going to bring it out the morning of.
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  • We probably have about 10 present all together.  Some of those gifts are pjs, clothes, and stocking stuffers too!
  • My husband's side is Jewish so I got her 9 presents...1 for each night of Hanukkah and then 1 extra.  I'm going to re-wrap some of the Hannukah gifts in xmas paper since she doesn't know the difference lol.
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