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Short cervix and fetal fibronectin

I'm a first time mom...My doctor told me that I have a short cervix and that it has been linked to preterm labor.  She just did a fetal fibronectin test and luckily the results were negative, but apparently those tests are only an indicator for the next two weeks.  I'm 27 weeks and my doc said her goal was for me to make it 8 more weeks. I'm super nervous about all of this!  Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Re: Short cervix and fetal fibronectin

  • I am not or have not experienced the short cervix, but I did want you to know that my first child was delivered happy and healthy at 35the weeks. I also have lots of experience on bedrest.

    Did she mention progesterone shots or. A cleragre? I would deffinently head over to the high risk board there are some awesome ladies to support you over there!
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  • I went in last Thursday and my dr told me that I had a short cervix and was also at risk for preterm labor. She initially did a swab for the fibronectin test but then she did an ultrasound and realized it was a little thicker than she first had thought, but I still have to go in to have it monitored. Out of curiosity did she tell you the measurement?
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  • This happened to me my first pregnancy.  Did they tell you how short it was?  Mine was discovered at 23 weeks and by 28 weeks I was measuring 1.6 and anything below 2 was a sign for them to do strict bedrest.  I ended up on bedrest, procardia which is used to stop contractions and also progesterone shots.  I had my DD at 37 weeks after stopping all meds.  Is your cervix just short or are you dialated or funneling at all?  I was dialated at 28 weeks along with i at being short so that was a big cause for concern.  A short cervix doesn't always mean weak so with monitoring if it stays the same you could be perfectly fine and go full term

    This pregnancy precautions were taken early with a cerclage (which you are to far along for) and also the progesterone shots started at 16 weeks.  So far my cervix has been holding up great with no restrictions.

    For suggestions I was suggest taking it easy when you can, no heavy lifting or standing or walking a lot.  I would request bi weekly monitoring if they don't plan on it already and maybe the progesterone shots.  I would also suggest calling to get checked for any weird cramping or contractions.  For most people it's nothing but with a short cervix you want to be extra careful since the cervix can change quickly.

    Good luck and if you have any other questions feel free to ask.....on the positive side you are past the really dangerous zone and every week LO stays inside is a plus

  • The only store I have may scare you, but it has a happy ending.

    My BF was born at just 24 weeks because his mother had an "incompetent cervix" aka short cervix. He is 30 years old now. He was touch and go at the beginning, but he's a hearty guy now. At 27 weeks, the baby is pretty viable. Did she put you on a modified bed rest? It sounds like you should be resting with your feet up instead of being up and around all day. 

  • I've never been told I have a short cervix (although its never been checked via u/s either).  However, I was contracting with my first at 33 weeks, my cervix was "long, thick, and closed", nothing was happening with it at all.  My ffn was also negative.  I ended up in labor a week and a half later.  I know I was the minority, but it can happen.  It also goes to show your cervix can be perfect and in a very short amount of time can dilate and efface 100% (which is what mine did, all in one week's time).

    I'm assuming your OB put you on bed rest or told you to take it easy, that's really all you can do at this point.  goodluck!

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  • A short cervix is not the same as an incompetent cervix. Like I said earlier short does not always equal week. The definition of an incompetent cervix is a weak cervix and a majority of women with one deliver by 24 weeks without intervention so yours is not incompetent. What you also need to remember is the cervix is dynamic in that it can change length easily and your measurement can grow or shrink while watching it.

    Don't worry yourself just follow drs orders, make sure your being watched and call for any issues. When my cervix was first said to be short it was never said I would go early just that there was a risk. Not until it shortened below 2, thinned and dialated at 29 weeks did the guarantee I would go early so that's why bedrest and meds were started. I was also given steroid shots at 32 weeks for the babies lungs after a trip to labor and delivery with contractions. I had her the day after being let off strict bed rest and 5 days after stopping meds do everything worked
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