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So much fun with my little man.

Chase is turning into a little boy, and I am loving he person he is becoming.  He helps us unload the dishwasher (taking out the plates, and bowls and putting them onto the correct stack in the cabinet next to the dishwasher).  He loves to read books and play games.  We have also had a few real conversations, for example:

Driving in the car on a cold day.

Chase - Uh Oh

Me - What's wrong?

Chase - Hat

Me - Did your hat come off?

Chase - Yeah

Me - Can you put it back on?  (Few moments pass, then...)

Chase - Thank you. (He has put his had back on)

Chase - Uh oh

Me - Did your hat come off again?

Chase - Yeah...Oh no!

Me - Did you drop your hat?

Chase - Yeah

Me - Is it out of reach

Chase - Yeah

Me - It's ok, Bud.  I'll get it for you later.

Chase - Thank you.

He is also just so happy!  He gets excited when I get home from work.  He loves to snuggle in the mornings.  He is just so much fun!  Anyone else having fun "big kid" moments with their babies? 


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Re: So much fun with my little man.

  • That is adorable! Nate isn't that talkative yet, so we don't have full conversations, but I love that we can interact to a point where I can at least figure out what he wants/how he feels about things. It's amazing how far he has come even since this summer!

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  • DD isn't very talkative at all - will most likely be in ST soon but she does understand what I say and we actually played "hide and seek" together with our cat last night.  She had a blast!!  I love the toddler stage - call me crazy!!
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  • Amelia is such a little sponge and I love it! Everywhere we go she loves pointing out and saying all the colors she sees and she just started counting to 10. When did my baby become a little lady?! Makes it hard to hold off ttc until June!
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  • I had a "first" conversation with Ashlen today. She was rubbing her eyes and I said, "oh, are you tired?" NO! "Are you sure you are not tired?" YES! "Do you want to take a nap?" NO! "Ok, but that means you have to sleep through the night." OK!

     She is too funny, and I love that she is finally using words to communicate.


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  • My DD isn't that talkative yet but we have been doing baby sign language the past week or so.  She has been catching on very quickly.  For example, yesterday she signed to me "all done" after she finished her dinner.  She signs for milk, eat, hungry, poop, stop as well.  We are adding new words everyday.

    She told my sister the other day "don't do that!"...LOL!!




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