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Anyone NOT worked out at all?

So, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I have not worked out at all this pregnancy. Between working full time and grad school at night I just haven't had time or energy. I've gone on maybe 5-6 walks total, but nothing more than that. Now that school is over and I have more time, I want to start working out so that I can be in somewhat good shape for labor. That's my concern, just stamina for labor.

Has anyone else not worked out up until now but is planning on starting, or started recently? It seems late to me to begin in the third tri but better late than never right? If you're in the same boat, what exercises are you doing or considering? Or for STMs, or the fit mommas to be, what would you recommend given that I haven't worked out in like 8 months? (I had stopped before I got pregnant due to planning a wedding, working, and going to school). Any advice / tips are appreciated.

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Re: Anyone NOT worked out at all?

  • Me. Guilty.

    I can make a million excuses why I haven't, but it really just comes down to me being lazy at the end of the day and not making time.  I've gone hiking a few times, and my commute involves a LOT of stairs, but that is all I've been doing.

    On Sunday, my labor coach told me that at this point I shouldn't attempt to become a super athlete, but should do things that I already do, but more frequently.  So that's going to mean taking walks during my lunch break, and climbing more stairs (joy!). She also said I could sit on a yoga ball as much as possible and will end up using core muscles to stay upright... just ordered it on Amazon.

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  • You can take longer walks, or walk on the treadmill with an incline.  The elliptical and stationary bike are also good.  I would also recommend doing squats and lunges.  I'm going to attempt to go drug free for my birth (we shall see if that happens...) and I heard walking around and doing squats at the hospital helps move things along quicker.
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  • I haven't really worked out either.  I go on walks once in awhile (I did more during first tri) but I don't have a work out routine that I do everyday.  I work in retail so I'm running around 7-8 hours during my shift on my feet non stop...I kind of count that as a mini work out.  I also nanny on the days I don't work at Old Navy, so It's not like i'm sitting around doing nothing all day.  I'm also curious to hear what people have to say! 
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  • I normally do Dailey Method 2-3x a week, but between an exhausting first tri and being very busy at work, I fell out of habit. I have been totally delinquent on getting back into shape and blaming it on Junior League obligations and general tiredness. :)  I have not gained much weight so I am not feeling too guilty.
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  • Guilty. And my feet are swollen now, so I really don't want to.
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    Guilty. And my feet are swollen now, so I really don't want to.

    This. lol. And my other excuse is now its winter and its too cold for long walks. I am going to try the yoga ball and some squats though. At least thats my plan. I am also considering prenatal yoga.

  • No exercise at all sadly, I've never worked out so I still don't. I try to take a walk every now and then though and try to stay away from too much junk
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  • I have to be honest - I have done a few prenatal yoga classes but I have to be real - I don't really consider it working out, it is so mellow.  I also have a 1 mile walk to/from work each day. 

    I am trying to walk more now because I dont want to put on too much weight. they say the weight really piles on at the end and that makes me nervous. 

    Target also sells a prenatal yoga DVD. It is a 4pk (one for each trimester and post pardum) I like it a lot! 


  • When I first got pregnant, I was too sore from the IVF to excercise.  Then when I could DH bought me a pregnancy pilates dvd.  Before I even took off the plastic, my OB told me not to excercise.  Today the MFM told me to go for 3 30 minute walks every day.  My office building has a walking club where they walk in the building for 30 minutes when it is cold.  She said that it would help the swelling and numbness in my feet.
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  • Guilty! I have been taking more stairs and trying to get up and move (and still put my feet up when I get home) but most of the time I'm exhausted by the time I get home from work and exercise really isn't a priority. I know I know, it should be!

    I agree with the previous posters, just get up and move and anything to help with your core will help. Keep up those kegels as well!

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  • I am right there with ya! I walked a lot during the first tri but now I'm at the end of my 2nd and I'm just soooo tired. I feel so guilty though because all of you are working or going to school so you have a better reason. I don't work as of now. I got too sick in my first tri and then got put on bed rest for 2 months. Finally off of it so I'm trying to start walking and doing pre natal yoga. I'm worried about weight gain and stamina. I get winded so easily right now! I move like I'm 90!
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  • I never really worked out before so I'm not about to start now that I'm pregnant. I will take walks every so often but haven't in awhile since it's cold. I chase after a toddler and my job involves a lot of standing so I guess I'm not just sedentary. I am starting to get a little winded when I go up the stairs though so maybe walking more often wouldn't be such a bad idea...

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  • I haven't worked out at all, but I really never have. I kept telling myself before I got pregnant that I would start being more active, but that didn't happen.  I work at a college and we are on break for the next 5 weeks, so I am planning on taking daily walks. We will see if that works out. :)
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  • I was very into working out per pregnancy and am trying very hard to stay that way. I am a teacher so am on my feet all day and sometimes find it hard to get the motivation but thinking of the payoff at the end keeps me going. I am a runner but gave up high impact cardio and traded in for swimming recently. I think that would be good for you because it's low impact and a total body workout, both cardio and strength training. I also take weight classes 3 times a week. Ive lightened my weights, however, and have instead been doing more reps/ sets. Like pp said, I am hoping this helps the birth process, especially those squats and lunges. Just remember to listen to your body and baby!! They know best right now :) 

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  • image March2013FTM:
    Guilty. And my feet are swollen now, so I really don't want to.


    I wanted to do sit ups today when I realized my stomach was getting fat!!

  • I have not worked out at all! I occasionally go on walks, but now that its cold, snowy and icy I have no desire, sadly. I did buy a prenatal yoga dvd , but have yet to turn it on . Hopefully I will soon!
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  • Guilty! I never exercised much before due to having plantar fasciitis in both of my feet. It hurts me to do anything. Once our local outdoor pool opened for the summer, I started going to aquacize. However, I started having lower abdominal pain when doing some of the activities in the water. I was only 6 weeks pregnant at the time so I quit going. I had a loss just over a year ago and didn't want to do anything that could contribute to another loss.

    I'm a teacher and on my feet all day long. Thankfully, I have good work shoes that are pretty comfortable to work in (I've yet to find any casual shoes or boots that are as comfortable). So I do get a fair amount of walking in at work but that's about it. I would love to do more walking outside of school but my feet hurt just too much to do so.

    Also, I've been experiencing cramps in my lower abdomen for the last two to three weeks. They don't feel like the round ligament pains I was having earlier in the pregnancy but apparently they are ligamental pains. I've been checked out a few times over the last few weeks and everything is fine with the's just how my body is responding to the way my body is growing. I've experienced the pains the most when doing any brisk walking so I've had to learn to slow down A LOT. 

    So, (serious) working out has not really been something I've been able to do. I have considered doing some prenatal yoga but I just haven't had the time. Maybe when I'm on maternity leave, I'll try it out.

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  • I've barely worked out. I try to keep up with squats, pelvic rocks, and kegals. But other than that, I haven't done much of anything.  But I figure as busy as I am most of the time and always on the go, I'll be fine. 
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  • Wow, thanks ladies!!! I definitely don't feel so bad now... smile. I'll go with the advice of walking and not doing anything crazy, maybe yoga or a preggers DVD. And I didn't even think about squats or kegels, thanks for mentioning those!

    Good luck to you all as well in whatever level of exercise you end up at!
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  • Prior to getting pregnant I worked out a lot, cardio and weight lifting- since I got pregnant I cut back on the heavier lifting, stuck mostly to machines instead of free weights, and have swapped running for walking on an incline or the eliptical. I hadn't done any lunges or squats in a while and did them last week with no added weight and couldn't' even complete 3 sets of 12... I felt like such a goober since before I got pregnant I was easily using 20-30 lb weights during both, but then I realized I have added body weight AND haven't worked those muscles in a while... Crazy how you lose the ability to jump back in... 
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  • i'm a FTM so I don't really know how much it helps but everything i hear says staying at least minimally active helps...I've worked out my entire pregnancy, but I also utilize my gym as my social time and my "feel good" time. that being said

    -start walking...even if it's 2-3 15 minute walks a day, once for 45-60 minutes, or a bunch of mini walks. I go on a treadmill and watch a show on my phone, or when i used to run for long periods of time, I'd download an audio book onto my phone and listen to that

    -prenatal yoga-it may not get your heart rate moving but it will help strengthen your body and help prepare it for labor

    -do a "TV" workout, if you watch it-every commercial, do 1-2 sets of lunges (10 reps), wall sits (30 second squat) , wall pushups (10 reps) or squats (10 reps). even at 1 set of 10 for 3 of those exercises, that will give you at least 30-40 reps in one tv show-with minimal effort!

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  • I worked out a bunch in the 1st Tri, then tapered off and haven't really done anything for most of the Second Tri. The main consequences I noticed are that, when I returned to the routine this week, I got NASTY cramps in my feet and other places. If you're going to start now, make sure you WARM UP AND STRETCH, and go very, very light.  It's super-easy to overdo it because one minute you'll be all "Hey! I feel great!" get a rush of energy/endorphins and keep chugging, and then five minutes later you're like "O Lord, ow ow ow ow ow...."

    So yeah, go gentle. :) 

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  • I'm a FTM and up until about 6 weeks ago I had not exercised since becoming pregnant. But like you, I want to make delivery easier and heard being in shape helps. So now I exercise 35days per week. I alternate between using the elliptical and the treadmill. I usually do either for 30 min. I also lift weights to keep up my strength. I've found that I've been less tired since starting my workout regimen and it has also allowed me to eat more and keep the weight off or the gain at a much slower rate. Without dieting, just exercising I've only gained 2lbs in the last 5 weeks!
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  • I always said I would work out during pregnancy, but I haven't. I plan on starting to bounce on my yoga ball soon, but I always thought I'd take walks every night. It's hard to do it though, I work full-time and get off work at 7, by then it's already dark and I'm hungry and tired. Some people just don't have time. Besides, I'm on my feet ALL day long at work and they're swollen and painful when I get home, why would I go walk 2 miles?
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  • I haven't worked out seriously since I found out I was pregnant. I might dance to a song or 2 on my Kinect but that's as far as I go now! I'm just too exhausted!
  • Me.

    Granted, I'm a middle school teacher, so I do get to move quite a bit.  But I'm finding that my belly aches (like round ligament pain) when I walk too much or too fast.  So I'm just gonna be lazy.  I'll keep working as long as I can, and trust that chasing middle schoolers around will have to be exercise enough.

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