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S+TMs who are having opp sex baby

If you are having the opp sex this time around are you buying new stuff that is gender specifc? Obvisouly, I am not talking about clothes and bedding, but big items.

We have a pink bumpo, PNP (pink and brown), exersaucer (pink and purple), baby bath etc. At first I thought we would just reuse it, I mean a baby is not really going to care, but then I started thinking maybe we should look for some more neutral items...

What do you think?

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Re: S+TMs who are having opp sex baby

  • We moved about a year ago, and I sold all of that stuff. So yes we are buying new stuff in pink. This will be our last baby so we are buying everything in pink. We needed a new travel system anyway since our infant carseat expired and the stroller got crunched in our trunk when it was rear ended.

    I know that the baby won't care what colour their thingsare, but I am one of those moms who would care. My son had curly hair before I cut it, and people always thought he was a girl despite the boy clothes, I imagine it would be worse if his stuff was all pink too.I know that doesn't bother everyone, but it bothers me.

  • Nope.  If I thought DD would use the blue bumbo we have we'd keep it but we never used it with DS.  The only gear that we have really is gender neutral.  The only new gear that I need is a car seat which I'll probably get in a neutral color. 
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  • We were team green the first time around so everything we have as far as big items are gender neutral.  We have alot of smaller playsets/ toys/ blankets and things that are "girly" colors.  I think we will just be letting our lil man use that stuff.  As my husband said "real men can wear pink!"  Although I think he is just saying that because he is cheap! :)
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  • We are/were team green. But a boopy bumbo in gender specific colors are nbd. I'd never buy them again.
  • We tried to buy more expensive items like swing, infant seat, jumperoo in neutral colors. They can share DDs toys which is a fair mix if trucks and princesses. The smaller stuff we will buy in boy specific colors.


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  • I actually planned ahead with #1.  I registered for all gender neutral things the first time so we'd have them if we wanted to re-use with the opposite sex.  And honestly, the colors of the gender neutral things are the colors I would have chosen for a boy or girl anyway.  The only thing we ended up with in pink (because someone went against what we registered for) was the bouncy chair.  I'm not replacing it. It's perfectly fine. I have no problem putting my son in a pink bouncy chair.  If it bothers my husband (which I don't think it will), I'll just throw a blanket over it and it will be just fine.....the blanket might actually be easier to clean when baby blows out or spits up all over the chair.  win. win!
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  • I had all neutral stuff when I had my DD (mostly green/tan/jungle theme) because I thought I'd be having more kids closer in age and didn't want to re-buy stuff because I'm one of those people who prefer to put a boy in blue. That didn't pan out and I have nothing from DD, though I am still going with more neutral stuff anyway. Grays, browns, greens, etc.
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  • All big items we have are gender neutral, but honestly I would have no problem putting a boy in a pink exersaucer or vice versa. I mean, honestly, that would be a HUGE waste of money, IMO. 
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  • Nope. All our big items are gender neutral so we're set. We just need some non-newborn clothes since all our 0-3 clothes are gender neural. I'd like to get new bedding even though our old bedding is gender neutral.  

  • Most of our stuff is gender neutral as we planned to have more than one child. That said, I would not hesitate to put baby girl in boy-themed bouncers, swings, etc. I wouldn't hesitate if the situation were reversed. If you have the money and want to spend it - go ahead. I think buying new stuff if yours is fine is a waste.
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  • We tried not to get gender specific item the first time around in hopes that we would be able to reuse for a second baby. So we have a white crib, grey stroller, white tub, light green winnie the pooh walker, light green and white high chair. The first PNP I had for her was pink and brown, but it broke and my friends replaced it with a dark blue/ light blue bubbles one. It worked for DD and will def work for DS.

    I'm super relieved that the most expensive item we need to buy is new car seats!! (DD's will be past expiration date)

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  • We bought mostly gender neutral with #1, but there were a few items that were all boy, like the bumbo, etc.  We used all of them (and some of the completely boy sleepers) when my daughter was born.  For this one, we are getting 95% hand me downs from friends, and I can care less if it is for a boy or girl, as long as it is clean, safe, and usable.  But if  you have the funds to get a few new items, have fun shopping!!
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  • Luckily we have mostly neutral stuff from DD2.  The only things I'm still debating about replacing are the exceedingly girly newborn diapers and diaper covers left over from DD2.  I mean, most of the time they'll be covered up by his outfits, but I'm going to buy more diapers anyway, so I'm considering just selling them and swapping them out for some resizeable covers they both can use.

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  • Big stuff that we still have that we didn't donate or sell, we're reusing. But that was from DS, and using for a girl. Which to me isn't a big deal, any color can by girly. But I can see how I would want to buy different stuff it was the other way around.. all pink stuff and having a boy.
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  • Now that I think about it the only gender specific things we have are the bouncy seat and bumbo, they're both blue which DD will use. The swing and jumperoo were hand me downs from the little girl I nannied for and I definitely used them for DS. The playmat is the Luv U Zoo one by Fisher Price so we'll be using that for DD too. I'm sure I'll end up buying more girly toys but nothing big.

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  • With my son I made a point to buy gender neutral things.  I am a planner so I had hoped to have a daughter one day.  Our PNP and highchair are the same circle print both light blue with brown.  Our stroller is green and brown elephants.  I think it would probably be harder having a girl first and then a boy as far as gender neutral stuff with pink and purple.  That being said, our infant carseat is purple and black and we used it for DS with no second thoughts.  I don't think I could justify the PNP and things that basically stay at your house that other people rarely see.  If I were to replace anything it would probably be stuff I use outside the home often such as the stroller.
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  • Being that its been 8 years since I had my last one and I didnt plan to have anymore kids I dont have anything left.

    So all new stuff will be bought and I am going gender specific because there will be no option for anymore LO's :)

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  • I registered for mostly gender neutral things the first time around, for the big stuff so we can re-use it all.  I will buy the little things though.....I saw some swaddles on sale today and didn't buy them because I figured we should wait and see if this baby even likes them as much as Addie did, but then I pictured him in her pink swaddle blanket and really couldn't handle it.  IDK why, but it seems different to have a girl in blue stuff than a boy in pink stuff.  DD's favorite color was blue for a long time so that worked well for us.....she even asked Santa for a blue bike last year.

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  • No. I don't see the need to have 2 of the exact same items only in a color. It just takes up space. Honestly, kids don't really care, and the money can be used for other stuff.
  • Most of our big stuff is pretty gender neutral. However, I'll be using the same stuff regardless of color. I know my son won't care one bit if his stroller, pack n play, or bimbo is pink. It seems stupid to buy new stuff because what we have isn't "boyish" enough.
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  • Nope. Most of my stiff is neutral, but we have a pink bumbo and pink bath. I am not re-buying them. 
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  • I mostly bought gender specific items when I was pregnant with DD. We knew we wanted more kids and didn't want to have to change everything from pink to blue if we ever had a boy. 
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  • Nope. Our new LO will have a beautiful gray with purple butterfly car seat, a pink cart cover and a pink cover on my boppy. We did get rid of a few items that i will replace in boy colors.
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