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Am I the only one...

...not getting pictures with Santa? 

I see so many pictures of everybody's children (not just on the bump) with Santa and to be honest before seeing the pictures, it never even crossed my mind to get it done. Huh?

I have absolutely nothing against it and I think they're all adorable when I see them, I just don't feel the need to do it with R.  Maybe when he's older?


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Re: Am I the only one...

  • We aren't.

    When she is old enough to ask/want one we will.

    There was a statue of Santa at a Christmas store. I stood by it with her in the Ergo and my husband snapped a photo. If anyone gives us grief we'll print one of those off for them :)

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  • We're taking our 3 year old to see Santa on Friday. She is very excited about it for the first time. I'm not sure if we'll do a picture with both girls on Santa's lap or not. It depends on how DD1 acts around him. If she in anyway seems resistant, I'm not doing it. We didn't take DD1 until she was 2, and she still seemed very unsure about it. We ended up with a picture of my husband holding her next to Santa.
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  • We live in North Pole, AK so we saw Santa in May lol. He is there year round. I wanted to have a Santa picture,but made sure to do it before Santa gets sick and starts passing to all the kids! If we didn't see him in May I wouldn't bring him for a picture, like you said maybe when he's older.
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  • You're not alone.  I have little desire to get a Santa picture.  Maybe it's because I know my oldest is much too shy.  Also, the closest Santa is 30 minutes in the opposite direction we travel.
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  • We aren't. We are getting a present from Santa for him, but that's it. I figure he'll have years of wanting to visit santa at the mall but for now, I'd rather have cuter pictures of him than of him and santa. And, they all cost $$$$ around here!
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  • Well, we got in line at the mall last week... but the line was so long I gave up in about five minutes and we went to the playground instead, haha. We probably won't be back.
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  • We too tried a couple weekends ago, but the line was super long-plus it was outside and cold.  It is on my list of things to do, but not at the top-we will see if we make it...



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  • Hey I am a February 2010 mama I took my son this past week was not sure how he was going to do. considering I just took him to see some neighbors who were dressed has santa he was scared. so when i took him to the mall this past week to see him he went right up there sat on his lap. The Photo turned out really well.










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