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Celiac/Gluten issues

Anyone have a child with celiac/other gluten issues?  What were LO's symptoms? What was the diagnosis/testing like?

I'm worried about my 16m old son. We've noticed anytime he has wheat he gets diarrhea and for a while he had a eczema-like rash on his chest/back that went away when we stopped giving him toast/etc every day. We aren't super strict about it though, and so I'm sure he gets gluten a few times a week. Also, his poop is consistently littered with partially digested food and often mucousy.

Prior to solids, he was EBF and never had these issues, and I don't think it's a milk/soy allergy since I eat yogurt/cheese daily. Although we don't drink milk because neither H/I like it. He hasn't had ciows milk directly, still nurses/expressed breastmilk, although he has yogurt or cheese a few times a week. 

We are switching drs because we aren't happy with his old pedi, he goes in on Jan 3rd to see the new dr and I plan to talk about this with him but I am curious what other people have experienced.  Thanks!


Re: Celiac/Gluten issues

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