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Irritated at work...

I try not to vent too much on here about my work, but this one I just couldn't resist.  I am sitting in a 3 hour long meeting regarding our marketing efforts.  Our head of marketing is a man and sometimes just gets on my last nerve with his lack of sensitivity towards others (for one, scheduling this meeting at 11 and not providing lunch).  For the rest of the month of December our company is placing promotional girls at different venues to talk about our company.  To save money he suggested that we send some of our in house staff out as well.  He then looks at me and asks if I'm available.  Seriously???? Why would a pregnant woman stand for 5 hours to talk to people about our company in downtown LA.  Side note:  there are many other people at our company that could do this task, but somehow the preggers girl looks like the right fit. 

 Am I crazy to be irritated at the request?   

Re: Irritated at work...

  • I'd be pretty pissed about lunch. I feel like a bottomless pit now a days so if anyone asked me to do anything outside of eat during lunch time I'd probably say "screw you".
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  • "Listen to me tell you about this company... I'm going to have a baby soon, so that increases my credibility by 1000 points. Also, give me money!"

    I'm not saying pregnant women can't promote non-pregnancy or parenting or child-related things, I'm just agreeing that this sounds ridiculous. Maybe it's a compliment that he thinks you'd do well or that people would enjoy talking to you, but seriously. WTF is he thinking?  

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  • Not crazy at all. Sounds to me like he's a little jealous of you and wants you out of the way!! Maybe he's wanting that time off that you're entitled to? 
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