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Cookies are evil. Stupid weight vent.

Sigh.... I don't know what happened to my willpower. I wish I could say that my weight gain is "healthy weight" but that would be a bold faced lie. I have eaten more junk in the past month than ever before in my life and the scale is telling no lies.I made myself look back on my weight gain tracking from last time with DD and I can't believe how much more/faster I've gained this time. Baby is measuring exactly the same as she did (which happens to be quite small so I can't really blame any of the weight on the peanut) but I've gained much more.

Somebody take the cookies away!!!!!!

Re: Cookies are evil. Stupid weight vent.

  • I am in the SAME position!  My weight gain is also not as healthy as it should be, and I have eaten a ton of junk the past month.

    DH and I made cookies for the second time in a week last night.  We've always a very healthy eaters and have always watched our weight, so we are both pigging out right now.  Maybe using the holidays as a sad excuse? 

    However, it's all going to hit the fan when I'm overweight and frustrated about it post-baby.  There won't be any cookies in my life for a LONG time!

  • I totally understand. I attended a cookie exchange the first weekend in December. I have one this weekend and then one at work on the 19th. Plus the cookies everyone makes are sooooo freakin good. The ones I make are always a hit and they are like pregnant lady crack (oreo truffles and cracker candy). I'm trying so hard to watch my weight but I'm honestly up like 30lbs. On the other hand I gained tons of weight (way more in fact) with DS. I was able to pull all of it off though so I'm not feeling that horrible. I love cookies! (I'd probably bit someone if they tried to take my oreo truffles away, lol)
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  • I'm kind of in the same boat. I've gained more than I'd like, and I know it's not healthy weight gain either. I really have been using pregnancy as an excuse to eat not just more junk, but more food in general. What's sad is that most of the time I don't even feel hungry- I think the baby is just taking up space so I don't get the hunger feeling, and I'm STILL eating more than I should! Ugh. Food is addicting.
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  • I have no will power apparently.  I went to the doctor on Monday and came home and threw out all of the cookies and candy in our house.  I normally am so conscious of how easy it is to gain weight during the holidays and at least make some good decisions, but with pregnancy as an excuse, I have eaten everything under the sun.  Um, come March when I am on the treadmill everyday I will be regretting every bite!  Glad to know I am not alone :)
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  • At work between thanksgiving and christmas everyone picks a day to bring in treats for the floor.  As of this week I'm no longer allowing myself to go into the kitchen to even see what's there. I know once the baby is born and I'm fighting off the weight, I'll be thinking to myself that it wasn't worth it.  

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  • I don't weigh myself during pregnancy, I tell my dr not to tell me unless I'm unhealthy.  Try it!
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