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Dog behavior

I think this has been a discussion thread before, but anyone noticing big changes in their dogs' behavior as your pregnancy progresses?  We have two dogs.  The mini dox, Louie, seems pretty much clueless, but I've noticed a change in my big dog, Ollie. Some of it might be that he is getting less exercise than usual (since I can't run him like he's used to, etc.), but he seems much more apprehensive about everything and he is attached at my hip.  He also seems a little down/depressed.  It kind of cracks us up because he is such a big guy and everyone thinks he should be tough, but in reality he's Scooby Doo (jumping into our laps at noises, etc).  I'm guessing he's just trying to make sense of the changes in me and in the house and feeling a little insecure because of that. Poor guy.  His photo is below :)


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Re: Dog behavior

  • Ada definitely has no more interest in me than ever before! We'll see if when I go into labor she notices a difference in me.
  • I have definitely noticed a difference in behavior with my female dog. She practically frisks me when I am changing, she has her ears back and shakes her little tail feather while doing it. She also wants to cuddle more and prefers to hang out in the nursery. My male dog is just as territorial of me as ever, so no big change there.
  • Female dog hangs out with my husband more now. She has always favored him (traitor!) but now more so. She also used to cuddle with me but she can't really anymore so that might be part of it (she's 70 lbs so her + me + belly do not fit on the couch). She goes and 'sulks' in our front living room where their crate is and has been doing it more since about 9-12 weeks. Male dog has become way more up my butt and barks a LOT more. He doesn't really let me out of his sight now.

    btw your dog is adorable! he looks like such a little charmer 

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  • Ollie is a cutie!  Our dog occasionally seems cuddlier, but it could just be that the weather is getting colder.  We were staying at my ILs' house over Thanksgiving though, and when my MIL put her hand on my stomach to feel the baby, Georgie did wedge her head between my stomach and my MIL's hand though.  But maybe she just wanted my MIL to give her attention instead :)  
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  • My female terrier is getting more alert and seems much more protective when DH is not home. She also loves to dig in my hair and sniff it all the way down to my scalp. She is all of 14lbs and she is super gentle, but it tickles!
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  • The dogs have jumped ship on my husband and become my dogs...they are my constant shadows and pay no attention to him...unless he has food...lol or when he comes home they need to see whose there and then promptly return to me ha ha.  My favorite is when we are on the couch...we have a big sectional and I may lay on one end and him on the other where we have a chaise lounge....I`ll have one dog curled up against my legs and one of the ground next to me...then 3 empty couch coushins and then my DH...no love for him!



  • I'm really not sure if my dog is acting different because the pregnancy is progressing or if she's getting used to the absence of my other dog who died right after we found out I was pregnant... 

    But she's much more cuddly and always wants to be near me. She was so independent before. 

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  • My male dog Whisper has always been a "momma's boy", but I have noticed that when I'm at home with him he always has to keep me in his line of sight.  We can be in separate rooms, but he needs to be able to see me. 

     He hates the bathroom bc he knows that is where he gets his bath, but now when I take a shower he sits outside the door waiting for me to come out. And if I have the door cracked he will poke his head through, but won't come in.

  • We don't have a dog or any other pets for that matter. But whenever we go out to DH's parents' house, their dog has been progressively less hyper/excitable around me and much more interested in being right next to me. She is a great dog, always sweet but usually is all about play (she's an english setter, a bird hunting dog). Lately she always sits at my feet or is as close to me and my belly as possible.

    My MIL says she will be awesome with the baby, DH grew up with setters his entire life and swears she'll be playful yet protective of the baby and very very tolerable with him/her. Can't wait for the two to meet! 

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  • When I was pregnant with DD our dog got VERY protective of me.  I was actually worried it was a jealous thing and worried he wouldn't be ok with her.  But he is so fabulous with her, and is now protective of her.  

    I haven't noticed many changes this time

  • My dog has seemed pretty normal throughout the pregnancy, but lately she seems a bit more needy/attached at the hip. As PPs have said though, that could be because I'm giving her a bit less attention than normal because I can't jog anymore and don't take her on as many long walks (although DH still takes her for jogs and longer walks).

    I have no idea how she'll be when the baby actually arrives. Our dog trainer assured us that she knows (supposedly they can smell when you're pregnant) I'm PG but I wonder if she's going to be shocked when the baby actually arrives.

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  • I haven't noticed a big change with the dogs, but the cats are definitely acting insane.  My daughter is also extra clingy. 
  • We have two dogs, my Basset Hound couldn't care less but my pit/lab mix can definitely tell something is up!  She has been following me around everywhere and has to be sitting on me when I am sitting down.  Not next to me, ON me.  She is 60 lbs! =)
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  • Lilly Bea has been pretty much clueless the time, but recently she has been sniffing my boobs like a mofo the other day haha. I think it's the milk, cause they were leaking in the shower the other day haha.

  • We don't have dogs, but we have 3 cats, and every time I'm laying down relaxing or sleeping, they are attached to my side. This isn't normal behavior for them as they're all pretty independent, so it's interesting!
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  • image PoppyGH:
    We have two dogs, my Basset Hound couldn't care less but my pit/lab mix can definitely tell something is up!  She has been following me around everywhere and has to be sitting on me when I am sitting down.  Not next to me, ON me.  She is 60 lbs! =)

    Interesting...Ollie is Heinz 57, but his trainer believes he is mostly lab/pi (with shepherd as well)t and has similar behavior.  He also tries to sit on our laps all the time, it's hilarious. 

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  • From what I've read about dog behavior, they pick up on hormone changes, especially with their more bonded human. There are some dogs like Beagles who can even sense illnesses like seizures and cancer. It's crazy.

    Our 11 year old Dalmatian is much more anxious and that's saying something. I have to tell her ten times to do anything because she's so cautious. Might be old age, but I think she also doesn't like being away from me.

    My 10 year old kitty, Emma, who I nursed from 3 weeks old, is super attached to me. She's always been my shadow, but it's gotten even more nuts. Now, I wake up most mornings with her curled up on my belly purring away. Our boy cat, Tangelo, who is a little older than Emma, is getting more cuddly, too. He started begging to go under the covers months ago where before he wouldn't even cuddle at night.

    Dogs and cats can pick up on anxieties, chemical changes, hormone imbalances. They're pretty amazing, especially when they're bonded with someone. 



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  • I have a 4 year old femal German Shepherd. She has always been my girl. I trained her from 8 weeks old. Lately she has seemed very anxious. Never leaves my side. Even with 4 other people in the house. If she's asleep and I go to another room she panics until she finds me then lays next to me again. She won't even go out side with someone else unless I tell her it's okay. She even waits outside the bathroom door for me. If she can get in though, she'll stand there and watch me do my business. She's so funny when I'm having an emotional break down. She'll freak for a moment then bring me here ball or rub her face in my hands or side until I start petting her. I also want to add that she's my medical dog for panic attacks so she might just be more trained for this kind of thing.
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