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how many nurses...

Are in the room during delivery (assuming its a natural delivery, not a c/s)? Sometimes when I watch a baby story there are like 5 nurses in the room. I dont understand why there are so many there, I thought there were only supposed to be 2, nurse for mom, nurse for baby. Am I missing something?



Re: how many nurses...

  • Usually just 2 -- one for babe and one for mom.
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  • I had a nurse for Mom and baby I believe, I didn't even notice who was in the room so I'm not 100% sure :)
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  • There was a lot with both of my deliveries. Im not sure why either. Some of them were just standing around and were very loud, when I was trying to push. It was annoying.
  • It depends on the "model" there labor ad delivery is set up to follow. Most do use the 2 nurses one for mom and one for baby. Another very common is 3 nurses one to attend to mom, on to attend to baby and then a "float" who is charting things. It is alot easier to have the 3rd in there to chart then have mom's nurse have to chart and attend to mom. I've also seen it set up where there is just 1 nurse for mom and baby and then a second nurse who is a charter/runner.

    Alot of times on a baby story they are at teaching hospitals is why there are so many extra people in there. I'm in nursng school and during our L&D rotation I was in on a birth that the OB was in there, 2 residents, 2 nurses, myself another student and our instructor. The section I saw there were 2 anestheologists, 3 nurses, 2 surg techs, the dr and 2 students.

    Hope that helps.

  • I delivered at a teaching hospital and has just my doctor and 2 nurses.


  • I had a lot of people in the room for delivery with my son. 3 nurses, 2 doctors and 4! Yes 4 students... I consented almost 20 hours prior to one student and I must have been the only person who did because by the time I was pushing next day I think I had every student they had. This time I'm saying absolutely not! The phrase here in MN to use is I do not consent to students. The word consent shuts it down. I beleive all the extra doctors and nurses were actually for the students and not me. I even had one of the students try and use the "forceps?" (they look like tongs) on me and my DS. It didn't last more than a few seconds, they could only fit one side in and the Doctor tried the vacuum extraction after. Total planned c-section this time with no students allowed.
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  • I think it all depends on your hosp and delivery.  With DS I had a room full...doc, 3 nurses, ped and respiratory.  DS was in distress and I was just about wheeled out for a c-sec before I pushed like heck and the nurse added pressure and I had him.  With my second, there was just my doc, my nurse and DD's nurse.  It was a much more clam situation.


  • I had only one nurse and the doctor. I remember asking the nurse if there were going to be anymore nurses coming because you always see in movies and on tv a room full of nurses. But it was just my nurse until baby was about to come out and then she called the dr.
  • At my first delivery I had one dedicated nurse, a nuse in training, the nurse from next door (it was slow) and nuring student. My doctor was there as was a resident doctor. I think at the actual time of delivery an extra nurse might of shown up too.

    For my second delivery I had 1 nurse and a doctor. Once I delivered a nurse came to check the baby.

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  • I had two the whole time and they basically did everything. The doc came in about five minutes before DD was born, and a whole team of nurses/pediatric cardiologists came in immediately after because of a blip on her heart monitor just before I started to push (it was nothing, but I was glad they were there to check).
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  • I had one nurse during most of my labor.  Once it was time to push, a second nurse came in and then took care of the baby once he was out.  Other than that, it was just the doctor with us in the room.
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  • I remember only one.
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  • I had about 5 or 6 nurses in my room the first time around and the doctor but it was a high risk pregnancy and a very hard delivery because he got stuck and I pushed for 2 hours. The nurses were incredibly sweet though so they didnt bother me. One of them actually kissed me on the forehead after I finally got him out.

  • IME, 2.
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  • My SIL is a L&D nurse at the hospital I deliver at so she always makes sure she is working when I am in labor so she can be my nurse. With DS which was an early  medical induction it was just my SIL (1 nurse) and my midwife until DS was born then there were another few nurses who came in to help with DS since they wanted to make sure he was okay since he was so small (3lbs at 37wks). With DD it was just my SIL and my midwife. I think maybe 1 extra nurse came in at some point to help clean away some of the instruments and dirty linens but I don't remember anyone touching me or helping me or DD other than my SIL and midwife. 
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  • I think it depends on your hospital and who is working at the time. For me, there were about 10 spectators in my room including students, interns, nurses, you name it....even though my birth plan said no students or interns. I don't recall them asking me if they could come and watch either.  At the time I'm was too focused on trying to get the baby out so I guess I wasn't upset but I remember thinking "why the F are all these people in here?!"  To this day I'm not sure if there were so many people there because I gave birth without medication and it's not something they see a lot or if that is normal for any kind of birth at that hospital.  This is just one of the reasons I'm going to a birth center this time.  Me, DH, nurse and midwife, that's it!
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  • Most of the time with DD (because DS was a csection and totally different) I only had one nurse. I started pushing with one nurse on one leg and DH on the other. A few minutes before I actually gave birth the doctor and a second nurse came in. Shortly after the respiratory specialist came in to see DD, but she was fine and clear, just like making weird noises (still does!). I think more nurses usually just is the result of higher risk, but it could also just vary by hospital policy.
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  • I had 2 nurses for me (usually it's just one but it was the night shift and not many people on the floor so I got two).  I know for sure the NICU had a nurse for the baby (he was a tad early) but I honestly don't remember if he had more than just the one.

    Keep in mind, the doctor usually has a tech that hands her the supplies so that's another person as well.   I didn't even know that until looking back at pictures!


  • One
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  • During labor I had 1 nurse.  DD got stuck, so she called my OB.  When he came in 3 more nurses came with him.  I do not know if this is standard at my hospital, or if it was because I was having complications and was possibly going to need an emergency c-section.
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  • For us it's usually 1 or 2.

    I had 5 because something was wrong they suspected. It was his cord that was around his neck, but everything was ok. I delivered naturally.

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  • There were 3 in with me.  One was assisting with labor (holding my left leg - DH held the right).  And there were two nurses right there to handle the baby once he was out.  One of them was even nice enough to take a bunch of pictures with my camera.
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  • It depends on the hospital. I work in L&D on the baby side of things as a neonatal nurse. There are usually two nurses, one each for mom and baby, then a scrub tech or additional nurse in all of our deliveries. It is the same for C-Sections.

     The nurse for the baby is just that - dedicated to the baby. The scrub tech or nurse is there to assist the Dr with instruments, etc. and the other L&D nurse is there for the mom and to assist with cord blood, placenta, etc. 

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  • First pregnancy there were 2 nurses.  Or at least that's what I remember.

    This time there were 3 or 4, plus the doctor and someone from Peds.  Then again though, this time I was induced for pre-e whereas the first time it was a "typical" delivery.
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