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Any day now

Holy cow! A week ago I went in for my 36 week check up.  Dr checked my cervix and nothing so he said not to worry...he scheduled me for an ultrasound to see how big my little guy is getting.  Didn't want him to be too big with the fact that I'm diabetic.

Well, today was the big day for my ultrasound.  Went in and the tech lady did all her measurements, looked at me and said "he's about 8 lb 4oz". Holy crap...big baby, I know they can be off but still...I have another 3 weeks of growing...or so I thought.

Dr came in to do the double check and confirmed his size, which he told me he has never had the same reading as the tech so he's pretty sure my guy is about 8 lbs already.  Then he checked my cervix... 2 cm dilated already!  I know that you can be dilated for as much as a month before labor, but Dr looked at me and said "at this right I honestly won't be surprised if I see you this weekend..." I tried to ignore the thought of this because I was sure he could be off...except I've had back pains and contractions all weekend on and off.  I have flu like symptoms with no fever that hit this morning.  TMI but I have the feeling of having to poop without pooping.  My little one will not stop moving at all.  And I noticed the first bit of mucus plug this afternoon when I went to the bathroom.  Not to mention my nesting, as well as my husband's, instinct kicked in to full gear today.

I know I still have a 3 week window but it really could be any day now.  I feel like I just found out I was pregnant lol.

So excited but praying he can wait until Wed afternoon so I can get through my college finals.

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