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Bath Time

DS is 3 weeks old he definitely doesn't get dirty but my question is how often to you bathe a newborn? And for how long? I've read about at least 15 minutes. But how often. I don't want to not bathe him but I also don't want to over bathe him either?

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Re: Bath Time

  • It is dry here & we have well water so we only bathed M twice a week, & if he had a blowout or if he was especially spit up-py or any reason he would actually get dirty. His skin would get way too dry, so we would bathe as little as possible.
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  • At 3 weeks, I think E was at 1/week. I didn't necessarily time it to see how long he was in there. I just bathed him and took him out. It probably took about 10-15 minutes just with me trying to be careful and then maneuvering a slippery baby. Once he got to about 5 weeks on, I try to go for twice a week.

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  • Thank you Ladies. I noticed the more I bathed him the dryer the skin. I've bathed him twice due to blow out. I don't feel like a bad mom now. He's been averaging 12 times a week but I didn't want to think that was too little. I really appreciate it

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  • I bathed DS every day from the very beginning.. he liked the bath.. it soothed him.. so, we stuck with doing it daily.. now that it's Winter-ish (even though it was 60+ degrees F today?!), I still bath him daily, I just don't use soap every day in an attempt to not dry out his skin.. for the most part he's fine.. he does have a few eczema patches, but Ped said it was fine to bath him daily.
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  • When DD was that age we only bathed once, maybe twice a week. And our pediatrician told us to bathe for at least 15 minutes, as anything less will dry out LO's skin as opposed to moisturizing.

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  • He really hated baths at this point, so we only did them every 3-4 days, unless he really needed them.  At that age, baths were all business.  Once he was washed and rinsed, we dried and dressed him.  Now they're much longer (and daily) as he enjoys playing in the bath after his scrubbing session.  

    Initially, he got cold very easily.  We figured out that submerging him more and using warmer water was better for him.  However, every baby differs on this, so yours may not like that.  

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  • Our pedi told us she didn't NEED a bath more than 1-2x per week but it wouldn't hurt to bathe more often if it soothed her. He also said that if we were bathing more frequently to avoid using soap every time. Now we bathe about EOD. More if she needs it. Less if she falls asleep before bath time or we get busy. 
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  • At 3 weeks I was still sponge bathing Em.  She was sooo tiny and her baby tub swallowed her whole.  I did it every couple of days followed by lotion massage.  After about a month we did it every other day, and then around 2 months we introduced it nightly.  We only do 5-10 minute baths but it's part of our bedtime routine.  She loves baths so it was more for her to play/relax.
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  • My DS averages around once a week, and he was basically being held by me in the shower, while my husband cleaned him: he'd always fall right asleep against my chest (maybe it made him think of being inside the womb - the water, and my heartbeat?)  I tried bathing him in his own little baby bathtub just a few days ago, and yeah - he wasn't a fan.  He didn't hate it, but her sure didn't like it :P


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  • When DS was born we bathed him every 2-3 days and it was pretty quick. He wasn't able to play so it was just to get clean so they were definitely under 15 min. 15 min seems pretty long.
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