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Adalyn pics!

Sorry that I haven't been around as much.  Life, as can be expected, has gotten really hectic.  Adalyn is now 10 months old and is doing GREAT!  We are dropping specialists life flies. 

She completely weaned off the oxygen in late July and hasn't needed it since.  Her pulmonologist officially discharged her at her October appointment and also discontinued her apnea monitor (that she was using at night).  It's amazing how wonderful it was to FINALLY have my 100% wireless baby!  

Adalyn also had her follow-up with the opthamologist regarding her ROP (retinopathy of prematurity), about 4 months since she was discharged from the ROP clinic, and the opthamologist said that she doesn't need to see her again unless there is a problem.  She said her eyes look perfect!  YAY!

We still see the cardiologist every 4 months, to make sure that she doesn't develop pulmonary hypertension, but she will be discharged from them when she is 2 if things keep going the way they're going.  

She gets therapy once a week for Early Intervention and the lady is very pleased with her progress.  She thinks that Adalyn will be a scooter instead of a crawler, but that she is on the cusp either way.  She is doing really well with picking food up with her thumb and pointer finger, but still palms it when she goes towards her mouth about half the time.  She's not saying any words or consonants on purpose yet, but she is very expressive.  She's really started babbling, especially when she is the stroller and doesn't think that anyone is listening to her.  She is also at the grabbing stage--she will grab at ANYTHING! And I've had to start wearing my hair tied back in a ponytail, because once she grabs on, it's hard for her to let go! 

She still doesn't have any teeth, but I feel like she's been teething for months.  I see the bulges of white in her gums, and I know that they'll come out when I stop checking for them.  I guess it's like a watched pot never boils--watched teeth never sprout! 

She is up to 14 pounds 8 ounces--a long way from 1 pound 12 ounces when she was born!  She still doesn't have much hair, but I know that SOMEDAY I'll be able to tie a bow in it.  

Election Night:




Watching Doc McStuffins:


Enjoying her new favorite snack--her socks/toes!

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