How many ounces do you give daycare for LO?

Hey ladies!
I was just wondering how many ounces do you leave at daycare for LO? DS will be 4 months old on the 17th. I have been giving our daycare 4 4oz bottles. At first he was taking 12 oz in a 10 hour day. Over the last two weeks, he has been taking all four bottles and doesn't seem satisfied after the four ounces. I know he might be going through a growth spurt, but I'm thinking of bumping him up to 5 ounce bottles. I read somewhere that as a rule of thumb, babies will take about half their body weight in ounces when figuring out servings. So in other words, my son is 13 lbs and will take in 6 oz a feeding. I'm hoping by increasing his bottles he will be more satisfied and go longer without eating.
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Re: How many ounces do you give daycare for LO?

  • We went up to 5oz bottles at 5.5months. Edit: 3 of them, for 95.
    For BF babies intake doesn't change much since your milk will increase in calories as baby gets older...but some increase does happen. For my LO, though, around 4mo is when she started fussing from boredom in addition to hunger, and our first provider was misinterpreting her cues and over feeding her.
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  • I send 4 - 4.5oz bottles but she only drinks 3.  Sometimes she fusses after a bottle but they just play with her and she calms down.

    I bumped up her bottles from 4 to 4.5 when she was around 5 months.  It didn't really seem to make much of a difference.  She still eats every 3-4 hours during the day.


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  • Up until he was 11 months I sent in 4 four-ounce bottles to daycare.  When daycare complained he seemed "hungry" with that amount, I had them feed him slower and give him some time after finishing a bottle so his stomach would tell his brain he was full.  That seemed to work.  He was apparently not so much hungry, as wanting a bottle when he'd see another baby get one.

    At 11 months he moved to the toddler room and then he only took 2 four-ounce cups, because they were on a schedule there so everyone got bottles/cups at the same time.  This helps to reinforce my belief that babies don't need more ounces, they just need someone who knows how to bottle feed them correctly.

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