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Possible early onset GD-2nd pregnancy

Hi everyone!  This is my first post on this board.  Here is my story- I was only slightly overweight (I couldn't even believe my BMI was in that category) at the time of my first pregnancy (140 pounds 5 ft 1 inch).  I had terrible trouble with my sugar levels starting around 14 weeks and got diagnosed with gestational diabetes around 24 weeks.  I was able to control it with diet and exercise until around 32 weeks when I began taking an oral pill daily.  

 This time around I am much heavier :( (185 pounds) and 6 weeks pregnant.  I just had my 1 hour test and my a1c tested.  I don't yet have the results but due to my history and my BMI that I do have GD a 2nd time.  Fingers crossed that I will pass the 1 hour!  

My questions are.  If you were diagnosed with GD early on what steps has your health care provider taken?.  Do you have a different schedule of appointments or do you still only go once a month in the early months?  Any special tests or monitoring?  Are there any additional concerns with early onset GD as apposed to later onset?  


Thanks for all the help and support.  I'm getting a bit nervous.   

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Re: Possible early onset GD-2nd pregnancy

  • Hi, welcome. I was diagnosed early last time too, test early because I was barely overweight. This time I was diagnosed at 8 weeks, even though I am well within a healthy weight
    The only extra appointment I've had is weekly reporting of my numbers, and this week I will start nsts. GL
  • I wasn't tested as early as you, but in my second pregnancy I was tested at 20 weeks due to GD with my first pregnancy.  The only change I've had is that I now see an endocrinologist (I didn't with my first) since my one hour number was really high.  Otherwise, no additional appointments or testing are needed unless they become needed for a specific reason.  My nutritionist did say that if you are diagnosed before the normal 28 week testing, GD tends to become harder to treat with diet alone since estrogen production increases starting at 28 weeks.  But so far, at 23 weeks, my numbers are far better than they were at 28 weeks with my first pregnancy (despite the much higher one hour number), so I'm remaining hopeful that they will stay low enough as the pregnancy progresses to keep me off medication again.  
  • I did not have GD my first pregnancy.  I was diagnosed with GD this time at 9wks.  It was after my first set of blood work based on my a1c.  So far, my appointments with my OB have not been any different than the first time around.  I had to meet with the diabetes educator at about 10 wks.  This was a class setting, with about 6 moms and a nurse.  There were two of us that were very early in our pregnancy and the others were all like 24-28 wks or so.  We all got the same instructions.  So, there didn't seem to be any difference when we were diagnosed (early vs. late).  I email my numbers and food log to the diabetes nurse once a week and she calls me with recommendations.  At the class, she talked about more tests towards the end of pregnancy (ultrasounds and non-stress tests).  I haven't reached that point yet.  Good luck!
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  • Hi I was also diagnosed early my OB sent me to a nutritionist. Then I had to schedule with an MFM they also gave me extra u/s which I thought would be a plus and I had a fetal echo sonogram at 22weeks . It might be different for me I'm not sure. I also had a pre existing thyroid condition. I was diet controlled for a couple of weeks then they put me on glyburide, and finally insulin. I don't know if it helps but stay positive. Lots of happy thoughts your way.
  • I was diagnosed this time at week 7. Put on Glyburide as of 8weeks. OB said if I had GD early while organs were forming it was important to know. I started by testing myself. My fasting numbers were all high so I was diagnosed and put on meds by 8 weeks. I had no additional OB visits just went in once a month for the first 32 weeks.
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