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Christmas travel

I'm trying to decide whether to go home and see my family or stay in the town we live and celebrate with my husband's family.  We switch off which family we spend the holidays with every year and this year it is our turn to see my family. The trip is normally an 8 1/2 hour car ride, but I'm guessing with restroom stops and stretching stops it will be at least an hour later. I will be about 30 weeks pregnant at the time and I'm just not sure whether or not to go... I know a couple of people on the board have made long car trips recently and I was wondering how those trips went or anyone else has input. Thanks :)
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Re: Christmas travel

  • I'll be doing a 13 hour trip at 29 1/2 weeks, but it's because we're moving, so I really have no choice.  With a Uhaul, it may very well be closer to 17 hours.  Just going to have to soldier through.  We do have the truck long enough to break the trip overnight, so there's that.  We did the trip at around 22 weeks, with no truck, and it was completely fine, though that was only at 22 weeks.  Honestly, though, if it's a trip you do frequently, I wouldn't worry about it.  Shouldn't be that much worse than usual.  Just be careful getting out of the car - you'll probably be a bit stiffer than usual.
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  • DH & I drove 17 hours in a car when I was in between 24 & 25 weeks, stayed for 3 days/2nights then drove back home 17 hours (my cousin got married). I know the 2nd Tri is the safest to travel, Im not really sure about the 3rd Tri (sorry). BUT I would recommend that if you do travel to make sure you stop often not only to go to the bathroom but to stretch and walk around for 5 minutes or so because I pulled a muscle in my upper back from sitting uncomfortably for so long and I am still in pain. I know that personally I would ask them to come see me. My parents only live an hour away and I asked if they could come see me as I will be almost 30 weeks. I?m sure whatever you decide your family will understand J.

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  • I traveled for Christmas during my first pregnancy. I was about 32 weeks and we drove 12-13 hours. It was no picnic, but it wasn't awful. It is never a fun car ride, and yes, I did have to stop more frequently to use the restroom and stretch. I was glad we went in the end, but I was uncomfortable in the car. It will probably be worth it in the end for you!

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  • Me personally, I'd go.  Would you rather go at 30 weeks or with a 9 month old?

    i'm lucky, my sis and I live in the same town and she'll be 39 weeks, so my parents are coming here.

    i'm 28 weeks and doing a 7 hour road trip tomorrow, not really concerned about it. 

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  • I wouldn't go if it were me. We drove 3.5 hours for Thanksgiving. My doctor told me to stop every hour and a half to get out and walk so I wouldn't swell up too bad. We were running late so we didn't stop (I can't believe I didnt have to pee!). I spent the whole ride with my feet propped up on a box with a cushion on top, AND wearing knee high compression socks, and when we got there my legs and feet were swollen and numb. With a 8+ hour trip, you'd need to stop at least 4-5 times (basing that off my doc's recommendations) which would be just ridiculous. I think your parents would more than understand if you didn't make it this year, or maybe they'd be willing to come to you.
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  • I think as long as you get out and walk every once in a while, you'll be fine. We'll be doing our usual 6-7 hour car ride (with a toddler, yay) when I'm going to be around 28w. We did the same with #1 (my due date then was also in March) and it was totally fine. I have always had pretty uncomplicated and fairly comfortable pregnancies, though.
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  • We're driving home for Christmas and its a 31 hour drive! Obviously we will be stoping and staying over night half way but we will be traveling for basically two days straight. My doctor didn't seem concerned and said to stop when I felt like I needed too! I'm hoping it will be fine. I plan to bring my snoogle, a regular pillow, a blanket and recline my seat to make myself as comfortable as possible. I would go if I were you! 
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