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Birth plan is an oxymoron....

As with mostly everyone on this board, my birth plan did not quite work out. I went in to be induced Monday morning (39 weeks) because the doctor suspected IUGR. First thing they did was another ultrasound just to make sure induction was necessary. I did not want to be induced and I knew my body wasn't ready for LO to come. Unfortunately, the ultrasound again showed that LO was very small (under the 5th percentile).

After that the nurse gave me Cervidil which is supposed to soften the cervix. Like I said, my body wasn't ready at all at the time. No dilation or effacement. After this, lots of waiting, some painless contractions, then another cervidil, and more waiting. At around 8 pm they decided to start the pitocin. Contractions got BAD fast. Luckily, they let me stand and bounce on one of those bouncy balls. I really didn't want pain meds so that helped. When the contractions were getting what felt like unbearable, I requested the nurse to check me. I was sure at that point I had to be almost ready to push. Even though she didn't want to, the nurse checked me and.......1 inch dilated. I felt like somebody punched me in the chest. After that all my strength was gone and I felt so defeated. I asked for something to take the edge off the pain so they gave me a narcotic, I think it was Demerol. After that I was confined to the bed, and I could still feel the contractions which still hurt like hell.

After that the doctor came in and sat with me for a bit while watching my contractions and fetal heart rate on the screen. He then told me the baby's heart rate was dropping at every contraction. He ordered the pitocin to be stopped but still noticed the same thing happening. He then told me we had to do a c-section to get the baby out quickly.....another blow to the chest. I had planned a natural birth scenario and everything was supposed to go smoothly........NOT.

We then proceeded to surgery. They gave me the spinal, my husband dressed out, and the surgery started. It only took about 15 mins but seemed like forever, and I was still out of it due to the pain med. But I still remember hearing her first cry. It was amazing. Natalie was 6 lbs and 19 inches of perfection. The c-section ended up being the right call as the umbilical cord was wrapped once around her neck.

So, although nothing went as planned, it was an overall great experience and the reward was well worth it. My advice to soon-to-be Moms, just go with the flow and take things one at a time. Don't expect things to go exactly as you had planned :)


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Re: Birth plan is an oxymoron....

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