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Decreased symptoms

Hello everyone. I've written in the past week about bleeding. Well on Thursday I had bright red blood for about 8 hours.....I only needed to used a liner. Called the dr and was told it was normal and they offered to move my first reasons from Wednesday to Monday. On wednesday I will be 7 weeks. Since that bleed no further bleeding or brown discharge since Saturday. This morning I woke up and my breasts didn't seem as large or sore. Has this happened to anyone? Should I move the ultrasound to Monday ? Any thoughts?

Re: Decreased symptoms

  • While bleeding and fluctuating symptoms can be perfectly normal in 1st trimester, for your piece of mind, I'd move the u/s up to tomorrow probably. It will be close enough to 7 weeks that they should see a heartbeat.
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  • Sorry but that happened to me when I m/c in October. I wish you all the best though and I read a lot of posts that people had bleeding and were fine. Saying prayers for you.
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  • I had a miscarriage earlier this year and I had the same thing happen to me. 

    But I'm currently pregnant again. I had some breast tenderness and aches but that went away around 5-6 weeks. I had some spotting and cramping a few times, and they moved up my u/s to 7 weeks. It was nerve wracking but we got to see a heart beat!  

    Now I'm almost at 12 weeks, and morning sickness and round ligament pains kicked in with full force around 9 weeks.

     Don't give up hope :) 

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