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Glucose 3 hour

Hey March mamas!!! I had my 3 hour this morning and I did not have a very good experience. I did my fasting and then went in, got my first blood drawn and started drinking the drink. The drink this time was so gross. It was way too sweet!! So then after about 3540 mins of waiting I started getting so hot, sweaty and then came the wave of nausea. I stood up to go to the bathroom and had to go right to the nurse and let her know I was going to pass out. As I was seeing the black dots floating, they took me back to a bed and started to put cold compresses on my neck and back. They had me take deep breaths and just "try to relax" and told me to "not throw up". Lol. That all lasted for about 25 minutes and then I started to feel a little better. The nausea stayed for the most part until I was able to eat but I expected that. The nurse basically said my body had a sugar shock. For anyone else that has to go for this my only advice is to wear lose, comfortable clothing that won't make you feel too hot. It sucks but you will make it through!! xoxo

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