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acid reflux?

I never had acid reflux before, even in my first pregnancy, so I don't know what it feel like. But tonight I was hit with this awful feeling and I think it may be reflux. I feel like I'm going to throw up, I keep burping, I can't eat at all, and I have that throw up in your mouth taste. Uuugghhh

I came home from work and felt awful, ate a few bites of dinner then threw it all up.

Is that reflux or just morning sickness coming back? Are tums ok to take?

Re: acid reflux?

  • Yes, could be.  The almost vomitted feeling is usually reflux.  I get the 'oh my god, I'm going to die as my esophagus is burned by acid' feeling instead.  Like hot daggers being choked up over and over.  Either way, Tums are fine to take, but I think Zantac works a lot better.  My OB's for both pregnancies okayed Zantac 150 (the max strength stuff.)  Feel better!  Try to avoid foods that cause it too - anything with tomato sauce does it for me, which is why I'm really regretting my choice of pizza tonight. :)



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  • Acid reflux is one of those things I think you'll know it when you have it.  You can literally feel the excess stomach acid trying to make it's way up your esophagus. Excessive burping is also a symptom of acid reflux.  The times that I've thrown up from acid reflux, it's not food that comes up but that bitter stomach acid stuff.  My doctor approves Tums, Mylanta, Zantac, and Pepcid as safe to take for acid reflux.
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  • I had the same thing happen. I had never had acid reflux in my life so I just assumed the burning feeling in my esophagus was that. It makes you feel like you have to throw up and I did throw up..I realized that I had forgotten to take my vitamin B6 pill 3 days in a row and those days I had acid reflux. I started taking them again and Bam it was gone! So try B6 I swear it completely went away. 
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  • You can have reflux (food/bile coming up) without actual heartburn. I had heartburn so bad even with zantac 150 2x/day that I was close to tears. So, OB sent me to my GI doctor (waste of damn time) and they gave me back my PPI, which is a different class of drug and seems to be the only thing that worked for me pre-pregnancy. But this time I got Prevacid instead of Prilosec. But now I still get a little of the reflux without any actual heartburn. Tastes disgusting and burns my mouth a little but I don't feel like I just ate a damn ghost pepper and have holes throughout my esophagus...

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  • Definitely avoid trigger foods like tomatoes, coffee, or citrus. 

    Multi-vitamins used to give me acid reflux. I try to take vitamins after meals now so that they dissolve with a full stomach. 

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  • Zantac & Tums have helped me a lot. I never had it before I was pregnant. It's seems to help a bit. I do avoid anything with more acid though. It's hard to change what you eat but, it beats being uncomfortable.
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