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Thin cervix

I went to the Doctor yesterday for a pain in my abdomen. I was told that the pain was normal; however they did discover that I have a thin cervix, which could mean preterm labor.  Has anyone else experienced this??? My doctor didn't give me any restrictions at this time, but she is having me come back in  to the office in 10 days for follow up.
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Re: Thin cervix

  • I had a thinned/shortened cervix with my twins.  I ended up on bed rest but largely because of a rapid shortening and intense contractions at 24 weeks. 

    For the next month or two, they will probably do cervical length checks every 2 weeks or so.  They are watching to see if the situation gets worse.  The measurements will vary a little bit between appointments because those measurements are approximate, even on higher end machines, but they are looking for serious changes.

    If there is a big changes, you could be put on restrictions (depending on how conservative your doc is) and/or medication taken every 4 to 6 hours around the clock (potentially Procardia).

    Best of luck to you.  My situation started sooner and may have been more dire - but I ended up with two beautiful, healthy, normal babies.

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  • Thank you for your response.  I am glad to hear that everything worked out for you and you are right your daughters are beautiful. :)
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  • This happened to me at 23 weeks with myasthenia pregnancy and by 28 weeks I was placed on strict bedrest and procardia to stop contractions. I would ask for bi weekly cervical scans to make sure everything is good. I made it to 37 weeks with my DD thanks to my dr's being proactive
  • With DD, I was measuring short starting at 20 weeks, so they were just keeping an eye on it.  I was on pelvic rest anyway.  I had preterm labor at 30 weeks, and it was getting really short then.  After a weekend in the hospital on mag sulfate, I was sent home on bedrest and Procardia every 6 hours round the clock for the duration of my pg.

    DD cooked until her scheduled c/s at 39 weeks, so I am pleased with how it turned out. Everyone thought she was going to come early, but she held on.

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  • I was at my normal monthly check up on 26 Nov, I was 24 + 5 weeks and told my Dr. about some hip pain I'd been having.  He decided to check my cervix, which he found to be very short, only 2 cm, with funneling.  I was immediately admitted to the hospital and given the first of two shots to help the baby's lungs. My cervix was checked again 3 days later and had shortened by 40% to 1.1 cm and still with the funneling, so my hospital stay had turned indefinite with complete bed rest except to shower and use the restroom.  I was having no signs of preterm labor/contractions which was a good thing.  I was put on a CTG daily for monitoring.  At 26 +1 weeks my cervix was checked again and measured at 2.1 cm, so it had improved in the 12 days I had been there, but the funneling is still there!  I was released the following day.  At my next appointment this month they will check my cervix again.

    I am on bed/couch rest for the remainder of this pregnancy.My doctors goal is for us to make it to at least 30 weeks which is Jan 2,2013.  My EDD is Mar 13.  Other than a little right hip pain, I feel perfectly fine/normal and my baby is right on track. 

    I was very active, going to the gym daily taking my two dogs on runs and walks so bed rest is very hard on me. 

    I just suggest you take it easy. 

    And good luck to you!!!

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