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How do you put your infant to sleep when your toddler is being loud or needing your attention?  I'm having the hardest time putting DS to sleep when it's just the three of us.  DD (who is 2 1/2) is either loud, crying, wanting my attention, touching DS, or following me around the house.  Then DS starts crying because he is overtired, and he needs to be in a quiet place - usually - to fall asleep.  I'm noticing a pattern - when someone is home with me to hang out with DD, all is OK with DS.  But when it's the 3 of us - seems like all hell breaks loose.

So, moms of 2+, how on earth do you do it?  Do I just suck it up until DS is old enough to learn to fall asleep on his own? 

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  • DD1 is 3. I usually will put on a show or tell her to can play in her room. It doesn't always work out, but it's my best option. I have also made it a point to let her come into the room when I'm putting DD2 to sleep but taught her to whisper. This has helped a lot. I will also even let her play with the quiet toys on the floor so she can at least be around us. I've noticed that little by little she's not wanting to be right there and goin on to do her own thing. I also make a point to make sure that she has used the bathroom and has everything she could possibly ask for when I'm busy so that she doesn't have an excuse to require attention.
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  • DS loves his swing and passes out of I can get him in it and then go get DD to be quite for just 10 mins then he will sleep through anything.

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  • My kids are pretty far apart (older kids are 9 and 11 and LO is 7w) but I babysat for 2 little boys this summer. 1 was 3 and the other was 7 months. I always found something t entertain the 3yo such as a movie or game and made sure he had a drink, a snack, and had been to the bathroom while I put LO down.
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  • Dora.

    I would also lock all 3 of us in the nursery together and give DD a deck of flashcards or some books to look at.  On days she is noisy and crazy - I use Dora.


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  • Thank you ladies!  Some great ideas....  I think we're still new at this!  And DS is a tough sleeper - sometimes he will nap for 2 plus hours without a peep, other times he will wake up if my knee cracks!  Ugh....
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  • Little man usually goes to bed after DD age 4 but not always. Since she's older, she knows she has to be quiet if baby is sleeping. If he does fall asleep before her, I'll put him down in his bed or swing and then get DD down for the night.

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