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Baby mason Christopher was born at 6:53 pm. Labor started at 530 am with a high leak in my water breaking. Off to l and d I went!! Midwife broke the rest of my water and then contractions started to build. Got the epi at 4cm and 100 effaced. No shame. It was about 2 pm. Started pushing at 530. Baby was out with a forcep assisted delivery...which is totally ok btw...and got a 2.5 tear! Lol...she said it wasn't a 3...just 2.5. Haha. I had the worst anxiety of my life and I can't wait to get my antianxiety meds started again so I can be a good mom!! Dh was the only 1 in the room and my family and friends completely were rockstars and left us alone!! It was magical. I started breastfeeding about 2 hours after birth and it's going ok!! He was 8.4lbs and 22 in long! Full head of hair and little pudgy cheeks!! I will post pics tomorrow. I am so blessed. Any questions please ask away while they're fresh in my mind! Lol.
We can't wait to meet baby Mason!

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