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Violet Patricia is here!

I had my 39 week appointment on Tuesday, and we scheduled an induction then for my due date on 12/10... which turned out to be unnecessary because about 11:30 pm that night I knew I was in labor!

When we arrived at the hospital I had to wait quite awhile in triage because right about the same time as me a couple other women showed up who were much farther along than me - one was 10cm and had her baby 30 minutes later. 

The hospital typically doesn't do epidurals in triage, but was getting close to allowing me to get one when delivery a room finally opened up. I got the epidural around 3am, and felt much better after that. Things progressed quickly from there - at 4:45 I was 8cm and my water broke, at 5 I was 9cm and feeling a lot of pressure and the urge to push. At 5:15 I was at 10 and the nurse told me I could start pushing and they would call in the OB. I gave one good push and they made me stop until the Dr arrived because she was coming too fast! That was great news to hear but I also didn't want to stop pushing. Finally the Dr showed up and with about 3 pushes she was out! The epidural did a good job numbing my midsection during contractions, but I could feel everything as she was coming out. Quite different from my first, and overall it was a much easier delivery. She was born at 5:42 am, 8lbs 3oz, 20in long.

Violet is a total champ at nursing, she latched on right away and has wanted to nurse non-stop since then. In fact I had to start using a pacifier last night to get a break from nursing at all or she would have nursed all night long. I'm looking forward to when my milk comes in so I can get a little break :)

Anyway we are so happy she's here and I'm feeling much better than I did with my first baby. We came home from the hospital a day early just because it's so much more peaceful at home.

The other cool thing is that I have a friend who was due the same day as me, but ended up getting a c-section on Monday.  We ended up in the hospital at the same time, and both checked out today!



Good luck and labor dust to everyone who is still waiting! 

Jude Wayne - Born 4/23/10 Violet Patricia - Born 12/5/12 Breastfeeding, baby-wearing work-at-home mom of 2 living in Rockville, MD

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