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Leap Pad 2 or Vtech InnoTab 2

My son will be 3 in March and I'm thinking about getting him either the Leap Pad 2 or InnoTab 2. It will basically be used for the games and the "art studio" so he can color.

Do you ladies have and suggestions?

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Re: Leap Pad 2 or Vtech InnoTab 2

  • Based on input from friends with older kids, Santa is bringing DS the LeapPad 2. He will be 4 next month.
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  • I don't know about the Vtech, but we have the Leap Pad and I love that you can down load several Nick shows, it's really all we use it for.
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  • DD1 has the leappad and she loves it. DS is getting one for christmas.
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  • We are debating getting one of those two for DS as well.  The only big difference I can see is that InnoTab2 has Wifi.  I am not really sure what the benefit of that is though.  I am curious if the apps of either are significantly more expensive.  Any thoughts on those topics?
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