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Pregnancy Bleeding Fears

Hello everyone. I am new to this community but wanted to see if I could get some feedback/hope from anyone here. A few days ago I started bleeding lightly but no pain. I went for an ultrasound but I am only five weeks so they can't determine anything until my appt in one week. As the days have gone by the bleeding has gotten a little heavier but still not even as heavy as a period and I am still in no pain. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Im driving myself crazy sitting around waiting for a week until the next ultrasound which will be at 6 weeks and they will look for a heartbeat to figure out whats going on. please advise!!

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  • Try to take it easy.  Spotting is normal and remember that it's a really good sign that it's not accompanied by any severe pain.  Just try to relax and take it one day at a time.  I know it's hard not to freak out but MANY, MANY women go through the same thing and it's no problem at all.  You'll see the doctor in a week and find out that everything is fine.  Relax and pamper yourself.
  • When u say bleeding is it red or brown?
  • Was brown at first but now is bright red.
  • My m/c started with brown spotting.  The next AM is was bright red and it was a medium to heavy flow.  I had no pain through the whole process.  I m/c 2 days after the bleeding started.  I hope this is not the case for you.   

    Bleeding can also be caused from an SCH.  And like a PP said some women experience spotting and everything turns out just fine.

    Good luck and I hope things work out for the best!

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  • Try to rest. Hopefully it stops. Theres no way of knowing until u get to see the doc again.
    Fingers crossed for you and keep us posted.
  • I'm having similar issues. I've had brown spotting since my BFP last Saturday and yesterday I started having more bleeding like a light period. I had my HCG levels checked and they are still rising really well so they are going to keep checking those until I'm far along enough for an ultrasound. Have you been having your HCG levels monitored? I thinking doing that, along with a pelvic exam to make sure your cervix isn't open is all they can do this early. Good luck, I'll be crossing my fingers for you!
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  • Lurking from the 2nd tri board....

    Can you call your doctor and see if they can check your hCG levels to see if they are rising like normal and your progesterone levels?

    With my m/c, I started out with brown spotting that went to bright red. But I also had some brown spotting with this pregnancy as well, which prompted my OB to check my progesterone and hCG levels. While they were not sure why I was spotting with this pregnancy, they did find that my progesterone levels were low, so I ended up going on a supplement.


  • I am in the exact same position as you. We got our BFP Beta of 353 on 11/21. On 11/23 our Beta 2 was 831. I started with brown discharge the morning before Beta 2. I called the nurse who told me it was normal. The next week, pink with brown. Another call to the office...same answer followed by we can't do anything anyway so wait until your 7 week US. Mine is on 12/12. Today I had red discharge and I am stressing. I don't have any answers for you other than to say you are not alone right now. FX for you, when is you US?
  • I had two different days of bleeding. it was like a brownish color. I was freaked....and this stupid "on call" Dr (my doc is on vacation) said that something was wrong so we did an ultrasound at what she thought was 7 weeks for my but I was really only 5. and they saw nothing...and she wanted me to get a D&C!!!!!!! but today at 6 weeks an ultrasound showed a perfect little baby with a heartbeat :) and the nurse said as long as the bleeding wasn't filling up pads or I wasn't passing any clots that it can be normal :) i SO know it's hard to wait for that ultrasound to ease your mind, but just trust that no matter what, everything will be ok <3 

    ps. in case your dr hasn't already advised you..i wouldn't have sex until you know for sure what's going on :)  

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  • Thanks everyone. Still bleeding but with no pain so we'll see. My US is next Thursday 12/13 but I'll keep you posted. thank you for the support
  • I had some bleeding over last weekend. Scared me half to death. My doctor warned me about bleeding after sex, but I was still surprised -- she said "spotting" and what I saw was about 12 hours of bright red blood that looked like the beginning of a period. It stopped for another 12 hours, then came back in the middle of night, even heavier.

    I had no pain, and got to have an ultrasound the morning that the second bleeding began - saw a bouncy baby with a strong heartbeat! The on-call doctor said that as long as you're not filling up pads then that's relatively normal; she said some women just have spotting throughout their pregnancy and no one ever finds out why. I'd try to stay calm until you have the ultrasound. There's no rhyme or reason to miscarriages, and chances are very good that you're fine!

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