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Gifts for Baby's first Christmas

I am looking for ideas on what to buy my 10 month old daughter for Christmas. It seems the only things she is interested in are our cell phones, the remote control and our laptops. Any suggestions? 

Re: Gifts for Baby's first Christmas

  • I'm a big fan of toys that promote open-ended exploration and play.  Does she have the basics: blocks, stacking cups, stacking rings, a ball?  For more open-ended play toys think those large pop beads, push and pull toys, and a ride-on toy.  In the next year she'll also be getting old enough for Fisher Price Little People items.

     If you are more of a light-up, noise toy kind of family there are lots of little "learning" toys that are shaped like cell phones, remotes, and laptops.

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  • For my DDs 1st Christmas/birthday the toys they loved were:
    wooden blocks, mega blocks, books, puzzles, a doll, Fisher Price Little People house or train or zoo, Fisher Price tea set, Early Years Little Shopper, Fisher Price picnic basket, CDs of kids music, Silly Surfer Remote, musical instruments, cars, balls, shape sorter, nesting blocks
  • My DD is also 10 months old and i was having a hard time figuring out something special to get her. Babies around this age will start to like music and possibly dancing (swaying back and forth) my DD does this almost everytime she hears any kind of music, i love it! So my thoughts are getting her some music type learning toys. I also discovered she loved the sound of Elmo's voice from a toy i recently let her play with, so i am going to get an Elmo doll that talks and hopefully sings. If you notice key things like this maybe it can spark an idea. They have those small rocking toys or the ride on toys they can scoot on the floor. I wont be going crazy since she has toys and barely plays with them plus since she is the 1st grandchild on both sides she will be spoiled by others.Just as you said she shows more interest in our phones and remotes and anything else that is not a toy lol. I cannot wait for Christmas this year! We are lucky they will be so fun for their 1st! Good luck and dont stress.
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  • THis year I (we) will likely get DS some bath toys.  I will wrap up some clothes I bought he hasn't worn yet.  I think I will start a college savings plan like a 529 so grandparents can potentially gift him money and we can put it in there for him.  Honestly, he really loves my pumping hose/line and paper.  I think the wrapping gift paper will create  a lot of happiness on its own and I already like to spoil the baby and everyone will get him books and toys, so I am waiting for his upcoming first birthday to get him something nicer or bigger like a rocking horse.
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  • I tried to stay away from too many electronic things, but I did get DD the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn remote control and smart phone as she grabs for ours all the time.  I always go overboard for Christmas so I also got her the Fisher Price laugh and learn musical table because she just wants to stand all the time, activity walker, books, a rocking elephant, Disney train and lots of Little People toys.
  • We requested blocks, she loves stacking the two that we have.  And she has loved playing with the ones at her aunt's house. 

    We're just getting her two gifts, stacking cups and an small standing activity center.  I think I spent under $40 on her all together.

    If your daughter isn't walking yet, you could always get her a little bike push toy or walking aid.  Our 11 month old loves the little scooter we got her, the walker they have at daycare, and the one her aunt has.  She just walks all over the place with those.  But then she also grabs chairs, step stools, rubbermaid bins, and laundry baskets and pushes those around too.

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