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how long is the hospital stay?

So I am just curious - how long is the normal hospital stay for a vaginal birth?

My doctor hasn't really touched on this yet. 


Re: how long is the hospital stay?

  • My hospital says 2 days for vaginal birth, 3 days for c-section.  That is what my insurance covers without pre-authorization, and anything longer, I have to notify my insurance company. 

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  • It will depend on the hospital, what type of birth you have, what time the baby is born and how you are feeling (and baby). I had my son via c-section on a Thursday at 2:25 and I didn't go home until Monday.

    My girlfriend had a vaginal birth on a Tuesday at 11 at night and she didn't go home until Saturday.

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  • 2 days for vaginal, 3 days for c-section. Depending on what time you deliver, it can be around 48hrs, maybe a little less. Your 1st days starts at midnight after delivery. So if you deliver at 11:30pm Sunday, you will be going home Tuesday morning for vaginal, Wed morning for c-section with no complications.


  • At my hospital, 2 days for vaginal and 4 days for csection. I was allowed to leave after one day because DD and I had no issues and there was really nothing for them to monitor.
  • My hospital told me 2 nights/3 days for vaginal  and 3 nights/4 days for c-section. 
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  • With my first (vaginal), I had her at 8:44am. We were released the following day around 11am, just over 24 hours.

    With my second (emergency cesarean), she was born at 5:40am. We were released around 11am 2 days later, so just over 48 hours.

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  • As most have already stated, I stayed 2 nights after having DS #1, however, I did go into labor the evening before I had DS so I was admitted at 9pm on a Thursday night, had DS on Friday afternoon (vaginally) and was out Sunday late morning.  They did offer for me to go home on Saturday, but recommended I stay as I was a FTM, so this time around I may opt to go home after one full day of baby in hospital if all goes well.  As a FTM I was clueless on how to get DS to breastfeed and am glad I stayed.  The nurses were awesome and I had no idea how much help they could be with everything, wish they coulda come home with me!!!
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  • I really dislike staying in the hospital (I feel like I can never get any rest and would rather recover at home). I push to leave right at 24 hours- they generally say 48 hours with vaginal delivery and 72 hours with c-section but you technically can leave after 24 hours. The 24 hours is required generally b/c they have to do the PKU testing and can't do it before 24 hours. We left as soon as they were done with the test for DD. 
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  • I am pretty sure my insurance will give me 24 hours for vaginal birth--48 hours for C-section.
  • I'm hoping to get out of there as quickly as possible - I think the legal minimum is 24 hours, as long as there aren't any complications.

    I delivered DD at a birthing center and I really wish it hadn't closed, so I could deliver there again. I had her at 11am and was home by 6pm the same day. It was awesome being able to sleep in my own bed!

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  • I was told they would keep me 36 hours after vaginal birth and 4 days after c-section.
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  • At my hospital it's 48 hrs for vaginal and 72 hrs for c section. However, "check out" time is 11am unless there are any issues. So if you have baby at 5pm on Monday, you will be released at 11am on Wednesday. So it really depends on if you have baby before or after 11am.
  • Federal law generally requires any insurance plan you have through your employer to cover a 48 hour stay following a vaginal birth and 96 hours following a c-section (that would be in addition to time you spend in L&D).  It sounds like some hospitals/provders may not require such a long stay, though.

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  • I stay 24hrs max so long as baby & I are doing good. The longest I've stayed was with my first LO and that was 48hrs solely because she was my 1st.

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  • Typically 2 days for vag, 4 days for c-section.  However I've already expressed interest in a 24 hour discharge, as long as everything goes okay.  My OB said it is definitely possible, but it's just a wait and see type situation.
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  • 2 days at my hospital.
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  • I had my first at a military hospital. They thought they could compare the test results for a 5 lb 15 oz, 19 1/4 inch 36 weeker to a 7-9 lb 40 weeker and so they thought there was something seriously wrong with her and so they kept her at the hospital for additional monitoring until she was about 4 days old.  Since they had the room available, they let me stay in until she was ready to go home.  Had to take her to ped when she was a week or two old for follow up.  The ped looked at her file and commented on how stupid the other dr was for trying to compare a premie of sorts to a full term baby.  Got the most rest while in the hospital since ex wasn't there much and I had no housework to do.

    My second was born at a civilian hospital on a Sunday morning --  at almost noon and we went home on Tuesday morning if I remember correctly.  FWIW, my second was 6lb 0oz, 19 1/4 inches at 35 weeks 6 days and didn't need a NICU stay.

    My understanding is that the insurance company cannot force the hospitals/doctors to release mom and baby before 24 or 48 hours for a vaginal birth w/o complications and 48 or 72 hours for a c/s w/o complications -- I forget the exact hours -- but the doctors are permitted to release mom and baby early on a case by case basis depending on a variety of factors.

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  • I believe mine is 2 days for vaginal and 4 days for c-section. I ended up staying 5 days for my c-section because DD was not gaining weight.

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  • I delivered my son on a Sunday at 4:56 a.m. and I went home Monday evening. My insurance would have allowed me to stay one more night if I wanted to. Regardless of how long your insurance allows you to stay in the hospital, I recommend going home as soon as you can because you will not get any sleep in the hospital, but you might get a little at home in the comfort of your own bed.
  • My godson was born (she was induced and had vaginal birth) on tues at 1230 pm and went home weds around 3pm. They were given an option of staying until thurs morning but decided they would be more comfortable at home.
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