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Annoyed (vent)

So I have an induction scheduled for next Monday night at 41 weeks. I am really hoping that I go naturally before then but it's nice to have a date established. I am totally nervous about the potential induction as it is and then today I get a long Facebook message from a friend telling me that I should wait longer b/c induction is awful and to just have my husband massage my feet (b/c apparently that worked with her). First of all, it is my OB's and hospital's policy not to let you go much further than 41 weeks. Second, I hate when people act like I have no freakin idea about how induction works (I have been doing plenty of research). I know she just meant well but it really annoyed me (probably b/c of hormones). Anyone else getting unsolicited, annoying advice? I think I might not answer my phone, check my texts or check my Facbeook until I have this baby!

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Re: Annoyed (vent)

  • That would annoy the crap out of me. Not all inductions are horrible and she needs to mind her business.
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  • Argh!  I hear you loud and clear.  I am soooooo sick and tired of opinions, unsolicited advice, and know it alls.  If I want your help I will ask for it until then STFU and leave me be!!!!! 

     I'm afraid it will only get worse once my son is born...

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  • why is it that people feel like they know better than your doctor? Yes, induction may not be what you have in mind and it doesn't mean that it is easy and sometimes you don't progress enough that you end up having a c-section, but there is a reason why doctors do it. It's not like you are asking to be induced.

    Sometimes people need to keep their comments to themselves.

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  • It really just depends.  Not all inductions are awful.  Some women only need a bit of pitocin to get them going, then it's shut off and your body takes over.  Other women, myself with DD included, need everything done from a balloon catheter to constant pitocin. 
    Pregnancy is one of those times in your life when people feel they can say anything and everything to you, and if you get offended you're the "crazy hormonal lady."  Just tell her thanks for her concern but you trust your doctor. 
    I think not checking texts and FB is a great idea - go for it.
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  • That would annoy me to NO end. Unfortunately though FB is so hard to post controversial topics and induction for some reason is one of those topics!! I am getting induced next week and the amount of "why? Why would you do that" comments I have received are just tiring!
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  • Ugh..that really IS annoying...I got the same thing when I posted on FB about LO being breech and hoping she'd turn so I didn't have a person actually told me that when labor hit, I'd be "begging for a c-section"....if I'm still pregnant next Tues they're going to schedule an induction, but I don't think I'm going to share that on FB..I think I'm just gonna post "baby time" when I get to the hospital the day of, cause I really don't want the "helpful" advice.


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  • Mine is from MIL and Mom, it's "just tell them you want a cs right now. I had one it was so easy." or from same women "I don't understand why they didn't induce you earlier, you're so big, maybe it's because your doctor is a man and doesn't understand." I have told them over and over that they don't induce until 41 unless there's a reason and you can 't just say "cut me open!" and I don't want a cs. Then I get the "well back in my day..." Oh and people telling me to drink castor oil, heck no, I don't want explosive diarrhea while pushing a baby out.

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  • I have people at work tell me something different every day that I need to try to make the baby come...go over railroad track (really?!?), eat pizza, bounce on an exercise ball.

    Really people I don't need you to tell me how to make the baby come. I'm almost positive she will come when she/my body is ready. I walk about 4 miles a day and sit on an exercise ball all day at work (it really helps with the pressure and my back). If these items aren't making her come out faster I highly doubt pizza will. 

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  • I deal with the same stuff - completely unsolicited from the few friends with whom I do discuss my pg. I simply don't post anything about pg on fb unless it's about how their growth scans went...don't discuss position of babies, due dates, my misery, etc. Maybe I"m one of those private yankees but saves me some grief, that's for sure!
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  • A word of advice, I would stay off Facebook. People are going to get annoying, and us pregnant women are very irritable because we are to the point where we just want to love on our little baby's we have been carrying for 9 months. This "friend" needs to mind her own business. We have inductions for a reason. My mother was induced for all three of her children and we are all FINE! Hang in there momma, The day is coming sooner than you think!



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