c/p from special needs, help!

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So after 10 months of waiting, we finally saw the neuro for Andrew's (who is 3 1/2) autism screening and I am even more confused now.

With the adaptive behavior assessment he scores a total score of 62 which is low. He scored a 32 on the CAR-S which puts him in the mild-to-moderate symptoms of autism, and on his observation he scored a 0 in communication, and 4 in socialization which puts him below cut off for ASD. At this point this is all the information I have.

They told me he is not on the spectrum, though he displays autistic tendencies. He does have severe sensory processing disorder (which we knew), mixed receptive/expressive language disorder and phonological disorder (which we knew) and they are diagnosing him with disruptive behavior disorder- nos. He also has sleep impairment and possibly a global development delay.

So I guess my questions are these:

1.) What do I do now? He is already in early development preschool under speech and development delays so i know that those don't need to change. We can't qualify for medicaid based on income and my private insurance won't pay for at home occupation, feeding, or parent-child therapy. Does anyone have any experience with The Katie Beckett program?

2.) Does anyone have an experience with Disruptive behavior disorder? Support groups? anything? I have never heard of it until last week and it is still hard not to think it is just an excuse for being naughty.Most things I have found are for parents of teenagers who are already in a lot of trouble. Also, the more I look into it, the more freaked out I get. Please tell me it will be ok and he won't grow up to be a cat killer or something.

3.) What is parent-child therapy?

Sorry I am not around much, but I have no where else to ask and I know you ladies have a lot of knowledge! TIA!

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 Andrew David: mixed receptive/expressive language phonological disorder, sensory processing disorder, Disruptive Behavior disorder-nos and insomnia.

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Re: c/p from special needs, help!

  • I'm sorry you and Andrew are going through this. It must be completely overwhelming to get the information you did. I haven't worked in mental health in a long time and my work was mostly with older kids and teens. I quickly googled "disruptive behavior preschool" and several things came up.

    I would try googling preschool DBD and your city r county and see if any resources come up. Maybe you could contact your local children's hospital and ask to speak to a social worker. They are usually well connected with community resources. Your Board of Ed and Headstart programs may also know of support groups. I wish I had more help to offer :(
  • My neighbor's teen son has ODD, which I guess is related to your son's diagnosis. He has had plenty of trouble, but he's a very polite kid at least.

    Are you able to get any services for OT outside the home? If he's under 3, Early Intervention can help, and after 3 he should qualify for help through the school system. My hope in your shoes would be that alleviating some of the sensory issues would naturally help relieve behavior issues. It certainly helps my DD. We are also building her a little sensory gym in our bonus room; really hoping that helps.

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  • I would definitely apply for the Katie Beckett program and see if you qualify. I'm sure it would be helpful; I know how stressful it can be to not have a way to cover all the therapies your child needs!
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