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My Poor Jaundice Baby

So Zoey has been having trouble with Jaundice. Since she has been born she has had blood taken. The numbers are not high enough for treatment, but she needs to be monitored. At the hospital they were pricking her feet, but at the pedatricion they want to draw the blood because if you dont it can break down the blood cells and can give false readings. Well today at the doctors office they had to stick her 5 times before they were able to draw blood. Finally they had to go through an artery in her wrist. My heart was so broken, She was screaming to the point where her poor throat was bleeding a little. I started crying after they tried for the 4th time. Its was so awful, but the test results came back a lot better than they have the past 4 days. Finally they are starting to go down. She will have to go back Friday to get blood drawn again, if the numbers are down again then she wont have to do it again. Never felt so bad in my life. Crying
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Re: My Poor Jaundice Baby

  • Poor little thing! Hopefully everything gets better for both of you soon!
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  • Awww hunny I can only imagine...I am so sorry you are going through this. I will keep you and your little princess in my prayers. Keep your chin will get through.
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  • DD2 has jaundice as well and I hate the daily blood draws!

    Unfortunately DD's levels have continued to rise and she has to wear this special phototherapy blanket.

    Hopefully both our LO's will be done with all the additional doctors visits and tests soon!
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  • Wow. My baby was jaundiced too and we never had to do that. His level is finally back to normal. Feeding him every two hours was what finally got his numbers to come down. The bili lights helped too, but when we started basically force feeding him, they dropped quick.
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  • Your poor darling! So is it just me only having a vague awareness of the jaundice treatment, or was getting that diagnosis worse and more tramatic than if they had just started doing treatments with the light?
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  • I'm so sorry you and LO are having to go through this. I pray this is all over soon and that your LO is well ;)
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  • Ugh, so sorry you're going through this! My first DD was jaundiced for over a month. She was given a light blanket treatment, but it didn't bring her numbers down so she had to be re-admitted to the hospital. All the blood draws and having your baby attached to a light machine sure sucks when you are just trying to spend quality time with your newborn, and I'm sorry that you have to deal with this!
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  • It bugs me to no end that they put infants through that when there really isn't a dire need!! I was a super jaundicey baby, as was my sister, and they told my mom to put me in front of the window for a few hours a day. Not get my heel pricked a million times. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this!!
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  • That is so sad.  :(  I would have cried too.  Poor thing.  Hopefully on Friday everything is fine and you both don't have to go through that again. 
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  • Hope it resolves itself and she is feeling better very soon!
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  • Hope she gets better fast!
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