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I failed my 1hour glucose

Ugh!!! Now I have the 3hour on Saturday!! Any tips? Experiences?

Re: I failed my 1hour glucose

  • Sorry to hear that! I am waiting for my results this week. Good luck!
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  • Mine felt terrible at about 40 min. I truly felt awful for about 5 minutes. I felt significantly better and better the rest of the time.

    Ask for butterflies to have them draw your bloodmuch less painful.

    I DID pass, but didn't think I would.

    Good luck!

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  • I failed my 1 hour and my Dr. is treating me for GD- I fasted before my test and my sugar came back really high....I am suppose to try and control it with diet and excerise. Sorry you didin't pass- Good Luck with your 3 hour test.

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  • I had mine today (results tomorrow). When you drank the drink were you feeling really shaky/light headed??
  • Sorry to hear that, and good luck.


  • I just did my 3 hr yesterday. I thought it was gonna be awful, but turns out it wasn't at all. The worst part was the waiting in between blood draws. I got there at 9am, after fasting since midnight. They took a pre sample and then I drank the nasty lemon lime flavored juice. Other than being very hungry, I never got a sick feeling or a headache. Over the next 3 hours they took 3 samples.

    I should have my results tomorrow or Friday.

  • they did my 1hr early in my pregnancy cause diabetes runs in my family..i failed it but when i did my 3 hour a few weeks after i passed it. Bring lots of water! it helps with the jitters and the hunger since you have to fast. I have to do another 3 hour since im around the weeks that they begin testing anyways so hopefully i pass too. Good luck on your 3 hour!
  • I failed my 1 hr too.  I failed both last time and had GD so I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail my 3hr next week.  The worst part is the waiting in between draws.  Like the other posters said bring plenty of water.  Good Luck!  Hope you pass

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  • I ate good/normal the day and half before the 3 hr test.  I had cheese and crackers at 9pm and then went to bed.  I had clinical the next day and didn't get to the lab until 1:00pm so I essentially fasted 16 hours. Personally, I wouldn't trust a 8 hour fast since I did that for my 1 hour and failed (149).  That being said I think having a snack before bedtime (like around 9pm) and then going for the 3 hour first thing in the morning is perfectly fine, I just couldn't do that based on my schedule.

    I felt extremely sick the 45-60 mins into the test, however, I passed with flying colors.  Not one reading was elevated and in fact, I was about 20-30 points below each cut off.

    Edit: Fasting is no food OR drink, of any kind.  I was told I could take sips of water during the 3 hour if I HAD to, but they strongly discourage it.  The lab should also have a place for you to lay down if you feel sick (I wish I took them up on this, I would have just napped the entire time).  The blood draws didn't bother me one bit (but they never do, I'm so used to it).

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  • I guess I just had a really strict lab.  I did the three-hour this morning and had to fast from last night (no food or drink).  Then during the test I was not allowed to drink anything (and of course not eat anything either.) Not even water.  They also discouraged me from really moving around a lot.  They asked that I just stay in the waiting area only.  There were no comfy chairs or any places to lay down. 

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