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skin.... NBR

when will the skin elasticity come back?.... I am tired of the weird flap hanging off my belly lol!
   EDD for #2 is December 8th, 2013, so excited for our 2nd team green baby! 
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Re: skin.... NBR

  • 9 months in 9 months out!! But I hate to say I was never the same after my first it got much better but never perfect.
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  • My dh lovingly calls it my " mama pouch". No matter how nice it is said I still don't like it
  • Some times it goes away sometimes it does not...  mind you I am 42 and the thoughts of having what you think is scary are just a dream for me now...  but yes I totally understand how you are feeling... it will come back just keep working out to get ur body back into shape ;)       I can't wait for my body to get back to normal too!   :/     
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  • My Dr told me that mine probably will never go back to normal without plastic surgery, but I also had a c-section. I hate it! I'm thinking that once I'm done making babies, I will probably do something for myself and get it fixed.  I realize that it probably isn't as bad as what I see, but right now I feel like Santa Clause when I laugh and that ain't working for me.
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