Can you stop breastfeeding/pumping cold turkey?

I pump and supplement with formula.  I currently pump 4 times daily, do not breastfeed.  Can I quit pumping cold turkey or do I have to wean off of it?


Re: Can you stop breastfeeding/pumping cold turkey?

  • I would wean off it. If you stop abruptly, you could get clogged ducts/mastitis.  Try dropping one pump session a day (or spacing them out) for 3-4 days before dropping another.
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  • DO NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY!.  I tried that and it HURT so bad... I would wean myself off as the PP suggests.
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  • You can, but it could create painful issues.  I would drop 1 pump session at a time and see how it goes.  I dropped one session/week and am stopping BF all together this week (i've only been nursin before bed since Sunday).  I haven't had any clogged ducts or issues yet! :)
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  • Agree, it will be painful and could cause issues. Considering you are pumping and not nursing (ie no baby to battle) it should be easy enough to drop a pump session a week, or at least every 4 days or so. 

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  • I stopped very gradually, and it went well.  Try dropping one session per day, every 5-7 days.  When I got down two 2 session per day, I just gradually increased the time in between the two sessions and this worked well.  It has not been 8 days since my last pump, and I haven't experienced any pain/engorgement.  I would pump when you feel full to prevent mastitis, and I also think it is easier on your body hormonally.  My best to you!
  • I went cold turkey and it was OK, but maybe I was just really lucky.  Every time I was too uncomfortable I manually expressed a little, just enough to make it bearable.  I didn't get mastitis or plugged ducts.  It took a few weeks for the supply to go away.  It was rough for a few days but not much after that.  I didn't like the idea of continuing to pump because I would have to dump it and I just wanted to be done.  I stopped because of my son's food allergies and I had taken too much Fenugreek for the hospital to accept my milk as donation.
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