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Non-medicinal Cold remedies??

I have been diagnosed with a bad cold and my doc says I can take Tylenol Cold or certain formulas of Robitussin.

Does anyone have any non-medicinal remedies??  I'm taking a little extra vitamin c everyday but other than that I'm unsure of what's safe and what works.


Re: Non-medicinal Cold remedies??

  • I too would like to know what to take that is non-medicinal. Like you, I have added more vitamin C everyday. I do not have a bad cold; however, my nose has been stuffy (left nostril) and when I wake up my throat is really dry. I hope it goes away soon it's only adding to my sleeping troubles. :(
  • I would love to hear some answers on this as well.  My husband and I were babysitting our niece and nephew this weekend and caught something there.  :(  It is just sore throat and sneezing.  Like both of you, I am bumping up the Vitamin C and drinking a lot of water.  But, I would love to hear some thing that may work that are non-medicinal!  :)
  • Gargling with salt water really helped my sore throat. Honestly I have been congested since I got pregnant, so I take a hot shower at night(it calms me down and opens me up), and a quick hot shower in the morning so I can breath. 
  • This is kinda gross (but so is Robitussin!) but has worked for me.  I've had 3 colds and none have lasted longer than a week.

    Take a 1" chunk of ginger and a couple slices of lemon (rind and all) and blend it up with 1.5 c of near-boiling water and 2 spoons of honey. I do the ginger and lemon first, add a little of the water and then just stir in rest.

    There are other recipes with similar ingredients, this one is from a raw foods book so that is why the water isn't boiling. And you're supposed to drink all the chunks. It reminds me of Theraflu--and really isn't all that bad, but isn't delicious because it is so strong. Drink twice a day, it is a huge immune booster. 

    Keep the room humid, and using a nettipot or sinus rinse is a good idea.  

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  • image pukanecz:
    Honestly I have been congested since I got pregnant, so I take a hot shower at night(it calms me down and opens me up), and a quick hot shower in the morning so I can breath. 

    Ditto the hot showers.  They seem to really help before bed. We also have a hot mist humidifier (I've gotten them at Target and Walmart in the pharmacy sections) that we use when we have colds with some Vick's liquid in it. 

    Oh, and ice cream seems to help sore throats. :-)  

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  • I'm a known nasal wash pusher, and I seriously wouldn't have made it through all of the pregnancy snot without it. I love the Neilmed brand, and I get a sick satisfaction out of watching all that crap wash out of my nose. Just don't do it right before bed, or you'll end up with a lot of snot running down the back of your throat while you're sleeping.

    Also, lots and lots of water. Sometimes I put a warm washcloth on my face to help break up the congestion. Feel better!

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  • The pediatric nurse recommended warm apple juice and honey for coughs and colds for DS, since he can't take any cold medicine (no kids under 5 i think?). Honey apparently was shown to be a more effective cough suppresant than the OTC syrups. The warm apple juice helps with chest congestion. 


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  • After 4 days (or should I say nights) of hot showers and sleeping with my Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier ($35 at Target) I am completely better!!  I didn't have to take any more cold medicine after the first night so I felt much better about the effects on LO.  Thanks to everyone who responded!!  I also drank a cop of hot green tea with lots of lemon each day.
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