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Pregnant with an IUD

I know I'm not alone on this and I could really use some advice. I recently found out that I'm pregnant and I have the Paragaurd still in. The doc cannot take it out. Any advice or words of encouragement? I understand all of the risks (I'm pretty sure), but I could use some info on what to expect during this pregnancy that isn't normal. 

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  • 3 years ago I had the Mirena IUD, I found out I was prego and went to the dr. Come to find out it was halfway out of my uterus..... The dr did take it out, and I had a healthy pregnancy.

    Is your IUD still fully intact? And what reason are they saying it can't be removed?
  • I'm sorry I'm not in the same boat and very sorry that you are.  Aren't you supposed to have it removed immediately if you get pregnant? Is the IUD still in your uterus or did it float elsewhere?

    This is really a question for your doctor or OB.  

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  • I see many babies delivered were the IUD cannot be taken out and then the mom has it removed after the baby is delivered. Did they say where the IUD is?
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  • My pregnancy book, I'm Pregnant!, mentions that its only a danger to the baby if its kind of falling out basically. Otherwise, your baby will be warm and cozy in its amniotic sac and the IUD won't interfere. You should be fine, and I'm sure since your doctor knows its there they'll keep an eye on it.
  • I got pregnant with an IUD six years ago but it was able to be seen through an ultrasound and removed.

    I don't know anyone, personally, who's had to continue the pregnancy with the IUD in place but a co-worker's relative did since the device was embedded in the cervix and couldn't be removed until after delivery. It was, obviously, considered a high risk pregnancy and she had ultrasounds every two weeks. She ended up going into preterm labor around seven months.

    How far along are you? Have you seen a specialist?

    Best of luck!


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  • My mom got pregnant with me while she had the IUD that was taken off the market in 1985/86. They removed the IUD and expected her to miscarry.

    That was nearly 30 years ago. I don't know what is expected normal now.


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  • I am only 7 weeks along. My IUD is tilted and cannot be removed. My doctor knows about, so he's taking the necessary precautions...which is pretty much me telling them if I start bleeding more. I've had spotting since the day I found out that I was pregnant. I have a 50/50 chance of miscarrying. I guess I'm just hoping to read something beside "worst case" stories. I've lost one baby before, so I keep over analyzing every pain and every symptom. 
  • image KateRN08:
    I see many babies delivered were the IUD cannot be taken out and then the mom has it removed after the baby is delivered. Did they say where the IUD is?


    My IUD is in my uterus only tilted so they cannot pull it out.  

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