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I have some names on my list that you don't hear too much of anymore (at least, not on this board).  I'm curious what you're thoughts are...





Mary Ann




Not pregnant, by the way.  I just like names :-)


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Re: Names for Girls

  • Wait, you have to be pregnant to ask about names? I'm screwed! Wink

    I like Renee best. I also like Anita and Rita.

    Ingrid and Marjorie do not sound pretty to me. Mary Ann is just blah.

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  • I loooooove Ingrid, and wanted it for DD but DH wasn't convinced. So pretty.
  • Nice list!  My favorite on your list is Mary Ann.  It's so old fashioned and sweet.

    I also really like Marjorie-- would you do a NN?


    If I had to pick a "least" favorite, it would be Ingrid, and only because of a negative  personal connotation that I have.


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  • I like Mary Ann!

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  • Marjorie is my favorite, I don't really like Rita or Ingrid
  • Rita is one of my favorite girl names!!! DH has a negative association with it, so we won't use it, but I love love love it!
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  • i like Ingrid and Mary Ann, feel neutral about Renee and Rita, and don't particularly care for Anita or Marjorie.
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  • The only one I like is Ingrid, but it's not a name I would personally use. It makes me think of old Hollywood glamor.

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  • I like them all.

    My favorite is Mary Ann. It is my maternal grandmother's name and I'd like to use it someday, in either fn or mn position.

    After Mary Ann, my next choices would be Ingrid and Renee.



  • Ingrid: I really like Ingrid. It is that rare combination of strong and beautiful and spunky that would be great for an adorable toddler, a modern woman, or a goddess-queen. If I were even a little bit Nordic, I would consider Ingrid for future kids.

    Anita: Bland. I can see it as a nickname for a longer An- name, but it does nothing for me as a first name.

    Rita: I like Rita ? sort of spunky with that Doris/Dorothy/Gloria early-to-mid-20th-century vibe. I don't think it's gorgeous and timeless like Ingrid, but it could work.

    Mary Ann: The Mary names are always pretty, though they do carry a whiff of Catholic school jumpers for me. My mom is Mary Ellen and I know lots of other Catholic women of her generation who use this name pattern. I prefer Anne (AoGG).

    Renee: Does nothing for me. For the life of me, I cannot understand why this is such a popular middle name.

    Marjorie: Lovely. Second to Ingrid, with many of the same qualities. It's maybe a bit cuter and bit less badass than Ingrid.

    I'd go with Ingrid or Marjorie. Next would be Mary Ann or Rita. Pass on Anita and Renee.

  • My favorites are Anita and Marjorie.
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  • My favorite from your list is Ingrid, very pretty! The others are NMS.
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  • My favorite is Marjorie.
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  • Ingrid -meh

    Anita - I like Anita quite a bit.

    Rita - not a fan

    Mary Ann- My name is Mary so I like it. :)

    Renee - I like this name.

    Marjorie- it's okay

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  • Ingrid- I really like it

    Anita- feels dated

    Rita- same as Anita

    Mary Ann- very nice, I love double first names especially with Mary

    Renee- pretty

    Marjorie- one of my first old lady name crushes.

    I'd rank in this order:  Marjorie, Mary Ann, Ingrid, Renee and then lagging way behind Anita and Rita.

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  • My favorite is Renee.  I love this name.  Mary Ann, Anita and Ingrid I like.  I love Mary Ann actually.  I don't like Rita and I don't like Marjorie.  Marjorie reminds me of margarine.

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