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Implantation bleed....still?

I am writing more to try and calm my nerves. My husband and I received our BFP on 11/21 after our FET. Our first Beta HCG was 350, two days later it was 830. We are very hopeful this will be a strong pregnancy! My concern is that since the day of our second Beta I have had brown and pink discharge. I called the doctor's office twice and was told it was old blood and not to worry because even if it was a miscarriage they couldn't do anything. They said the two Betas were good because the numbers increased. We are not scheduled for our ultrasound until next week. Has anyone else had this happen? It seems like its never going to stop, and when it does for half a day I'm estatic. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated. Our best to you all!

Re: Implantation bleed....still?

  • I know if you're on progesteron, it can cause some cervical bleeding. Also, I told my nurse during my ET that I bled full throttle for SIX WEEKS following my hsg...she said the same thing can happen following ET. GL!!
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  • Thank you for your reply...I am on injectable medication. I'll keep my fingers crossed, maybe that's causing some of it. It's a frightening thing to see especially when I've had one miscarriage. Good luck to you as well.
  • I had bleeding for the first 18 weeks of pregnancy off and on. They never figured out what it was. In the beginning they told me the same thing about old blood and not being able to do anything about a miscarriage. I now have a wonderful 17 mos old. FX GL.


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  • Congratulations on your little one. I guess I'll try my best to not stress over it. Somethings are beyond our control. Our first ultrasound is next week. Hopefully we will know more by then.
  • I had bleeding - bright red and then brownish - right around beta time with DS. It is pretty common. Hope your u/s goes well next week!
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  • I know it is really scary.  But unfortunately bleeding is quite common in first tri, especially with IVF.  The best advice I ever got in first tri, was just to remind yourself every single day, today I am pregnant and I love my baby.  There is nothing you can do right or wrong at this point, so try not to stress too much, just take it one day at a time.  GL, and I hope you get great news at your u/s.
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  • Thank you do much for your kind words. One day at a time...I am trying! There is some comfort knowing that I'm not the only one who is or has experienced this. That you all. I will let you know how the ultrasound goes this time next week! Thank you again!
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