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Hypnobirthing vs. Hypnobabies

I'm reading through the Mongan Method Hypnobirthing book, and started researching local courses online. It seems like quite a few put "Hypnobabies" on their bios, but that isn't the same as Hypnobirthing, is it? The official Hypnobirthing website lists the certified teachers and courses, which don't always line up with local ones who claim to teach "hypnobabies".

Can someone explain the difference between the two?


Thank you in advance!


Re: Hypnobirthing vs. Hypnobabies

  • Hypnobirthing and hypnobabies are different. Hypnobabies is hypnosis with your eyes open using the fingerdrop technique. You are able to move around and talk during hypnosis. Hypnobabies is also a complete childbirth education course. The founder of Hypnobabies used to be a Bradley and Hypnobirthing instructor, but felt the Hypnobirthing program was incomplete. I used Hypnobabies during my last pregnancy, and while it did not help me once I was in active labor, I thought the course was very good and I was very relaxed during pregnancy and the early stages of labor. I will do hypnosis again this time and hope that I will have a better result.  
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  • PP explained it well. I would also add that I've heard Hypnobabies is more comprehensive. I think it depends on what you're looking for though. I had a lot of anxiety about giving birth the second time because my first birth was a rough experience. Hypnobirthing is very positive and doesn't go into what can go wrong in a birth (I already knew that from my reading during my first pregnancy). I chose hypnobirthing and practiced it religiously. And while I know that many people claim the hypnobirthing hypnosis to not be as good as the hypnobabies "eyes open" one, I have to say hypnobirthing worked so well for me. I didn't even realize I was in active labour until my contractions were 2 minutes apart because I was in no pain. It was only then that I started feeling some discomfort, and my entire labour was only 2 hours long. I was so calm and peaceful during it.. it was so different from my first birth experience! (My first labour was 38 hours..)
  • I've used both and helped clients use both.  They both teach finger drop actually, which is just a standard hypnosis tool.  I have to say Hypnobabies is my preference, though both require the user to put in the effort and practice to make it work.  Both can be effective, but HBabies seems more effective than HBirth when a labor isn't textbook.  The "middle switch" (a place between wakefulness and deep relaxation taught in HBabies, but not HBirth) makes it easier to get up and move when that's what it takes to get baby in a better position.  I've had a few HBirthers who weren't able to move around without coming out of their deep relaxation, and thus, suddenly they were feeling it all and gave up on the hypno technique as "no working".  
  • PPs have covered it well.  Just wanted to add that I looked into both options and ultimately decided to go with Hypnobabies.  It just seemed to be more highly recommended.  Of course people have had success with both.
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  • Thanks everyone for your feedback. I'll probably finish reading through the hypnobirthing book, but then call around and see if I can get in for a hypnobabies class.


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