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What would you pay?

I work from home Thursdays and Fridays and am looking into hiring a "mother's helper" for those days. I breastfeed, so she'd essentially get three half-hour breaks during a 9 hour shift. 

We live in a first-ring suburb - pretty affordable community.

I asked her what her rate was and she said "negotiable." Well, thanks.

Right now we pay about $105 a day for daycare three days a week. It's a really nice daycare and we totally could have found something cheaper but I really loved this place.

So, what would you offer the mother's helper? 

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Re: What would you pay?

  • How old is she? When you say "mothers helper," I think of someone school-aged coming over for a couple of hours, not someone there taking care of an infant for 9 hours.

    I would pay at least $90/day, and probably more like $120.  Again, it depends on who she is, and how important it is to you that she isn't looking for another job.





  • image wife07mom09:
    pS and if you ae supposed to be working your boss might not take kindly to 1.5 hours break. consider letting the nannysitter feed baby too and just pump
    Well, pumping could take just as long too!

    OP - yeah, I'm not sure that I'd call this a "Mother's Helper" as much as a sitter for those days.  Have you considered just putting your LO in daycare for the full week?

    As to your question, though, if you need her there for 9 hours, you need to pay for 9 hours.  Sure, the "breaks" are nice- but it's not like the sitter can really go anywhere or do anything.  If anything, I'd tell her to use that time to either eat lunch herself (if she doesn't eat w/ LO) or to clean up. 

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  • I'd probably pay $10/hr but I actually agree with the pp who suggested putting your LO in daycare full time since you are technically working those days, you are just working from home. If you finish work early, you could always go pick your kiddo up from daycare early.
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  • I work from home on Fridays and possibly another day a week too. DH works from home every day.  We put DS in DC 5 days a week.  I can't imagine having him at home with someone.  It'd be too distracting to me to hear him cry or laugh, etc.  And if you had a conference call I couldn't have a baby in the background.

    I totally didn't answer your question...

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  • I have a home office, so having the baby at home while I'm working isn't an issue. And I work more hours during the other days of the week, so taking 1.5 hour break to nurse those two days isn't an issue.

    I travel for work often, and having those extra two days where I can nurse instead of pump is important to me - which is why I'd rather do that than daycare five days. Plus then I don't have to drop off, pick up. 

    So maybe mother's helper isn't the right term - babysitter or nanny would be more appropriate.  

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  • Where you live & what her experience is would play into the equation for me. Can you ask for a range vs. "negotiable?"
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  • We pay our high school sitter $6 per hour, so I would assume more than that.  Immsure this will also vary dramatically by region.
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    We live in a first-ring suburb - pretty affordable community.

    So, what would you offer the mother's helper? 

    I would pay $10/hr. Is it under the table? 

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