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Any suggestions on gift ideas for DH

For X-mas.... I wanted to give him something really cute and sentamental from our DS but I can't think of any good ideas.  His bday was last month and I gave him a "I love daddy" picture frame with a picture in it for his desk at work but I'm having a brain delay and can't think of any good ideas..

 What are you ladies planning....

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Re: Any suggestions on gift ideas for DH

  • This is our third and dh isn't really a gushy guy so nothing like that. Our oldest decorated a pot holder for him because he hate mine. Our middle got him a Christmas Story tin of pop corn because its his fav movie and popcorn had been banned from our house since I was pregnant with ds2 worst food adversion ever! And lo is getting him kcups for the keruig I got him since lo wakes us up at night and makes caffinee needed!
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  • I ordered a bunch of gifts from the walmart photo lab. I got DH a mousepad with LO's picture and his nickname for her on it. I got the aunts and uncles collage mugs with her pictures on it, I got DH and I matching key chains and an ornament with her picture on it from LO. It didn't take long for any of them to come in and the prices were very reasonable.

    Dh birthday is next week so I bought some clear christmas balls and printed off some fun little notes for him one for everyday until christmas.  Lil ideas on things for him to do... EG:  Today is snuggly day with baby.. pick a fun kiddy movie and enjoy snuggling.  Or  today you get your favorite dinner etc.  

    also painted baby's feet and hands for the balls with 2012 on them.   Keepsake for years to come even after he removes the notes. :)  

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