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Rib Pain.....

Hi everyone...  Just wanted to see if anyone else is having really, really, really awful rib pain.  I talk to many moms who have had this but I think I am either a wuss or it's extreme.  It actually puts me into tears by the end of the day.  Every time I bring this up to the Midwives/Physicians, they just blow it off but it seriously effects my daily living...  I'm trying to work til the very end but by the end of the day I am crying from the pain.  My whole diaphragm goes numb, I get shooting pain through my ribs, sternum and back and the only thing that helps it about 10 % is laying down.  I just feel like people are thinking I'm nuts...  I've tried everything!  Chiropractor, stretches, heat and cold therapy, a belly support, you name it - I've tried it.  Every time my little guy kicks, it makes it so much worse.  My due date is Christmas Day and I just can't imagine going through this almost another month.  I'm so excited for my baby to come but I can't even focus on anything but how much this pain hurts....  Looking for anyone who has been through this.  Thanks :)

Re: Rib Pain.....

  • I have some rib pain but it comes and goes, not constant like yours. Mine is just on one side and comes on mostly from sitting for too long, and if I move to quick. Hope you get some relief soon!


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  • Are you sure it's not a gallbladder attack? Kind of sounds like it.
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  • My pain is in my hip, not ribs.....but I wanted to sympathize with the trouble focusing on the baby because of the pain and not getting much response from medical professionals...sending good thoughts your way
  • I have this too, but I don't think it is quite as bad as yours.  I am still working, and by the time I drive home at night, it feels like torture.  It is better if I can be up walking around or laying on one side.  My LO has dropped a bit, so I feel like it has improved slightly in the past few days, but not enough.  I hear you on not being able to take much more.  I'm about done.
  • I'm with you...the other night I could have sworn broken ribs would feel better. I find that if I stay in any one position too long it starts. I have a long commute to and from work and that KILLS ME!! 

    When it starts, I start moving positions...if its in the middle of the night I get up, go to the bathroom, get a little drink then lay back down on the opposite side that I was on. If I'm driving I try to  find somewhere to stop, get out and walk for a few minutes. I live in a really rural area, so it depends on how high the weeds are along the road. I also found when it gets really bad and I can't get rid of the pain I get DH to just rub along my spine until it gets down to tolerable. 

    Hope it gets better for you soon!! 

  • I've had it since the beginning of the 3rd tri.  It is definitely not gallbladder related for me.  Sitting at a desk all day seems to be the worst thing for it in my case.  That, and wearing a bra.  
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  • Thanks for the kind words...  It's not my gallbladder - I was worked up for that when this started initially in the second trimester.  It is still excrutiating.  Saw my OB Doc yesterday and he's promising me that I should be dropping soon (even though I thought I did already!)...  I just am really surprised that you don't hear more about this from all the books and websites out there because it is the worst thing I've experienced!   So I will just be in tears most likely for the next couple weeks unless the doctor is right.  Here's hoping I'll not go mad!
  • I thought I was the only one with CONSTANT rib pain! Sorry, but I'm just glad I found someone going through the same thing I am. I feel like my little guy has cracked a rib on my right side. Top part of my belly goes numb & tingly when it's SEVERE also. I don't know why? Not FUN! Thank you for sharing
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