Baby Names

We have a name!

Ok, so it's just our decoy name for when people get nosy. We're not going to actually decide until after we find out the sex. But I feel like that's progress! Smile

If it's a boy, his fake name will be: Thor Norman

Thor because Thor is flippin' awesome, and Norman because it seems like the obvious choice to go with Thor (it's just so literal!). Added bonus: His intials will be TNT, because the kid is going to explode my ladyparts (this was DH's contribution, bless him).  

J13 April Siggy Challenge: My worst nightmare would be a plague of....dundundun....puppies! 
April Fools. I would love a plague of puppies.
My whole world revolves around poo
In 2013 I made a little, tiny person who is really BAD at eating.
DS born at 34 weeks with (surprise!) gastroschisis turned short bowel syndrome.
131 days in the NICU, 6 trips to the OR, G-button, daily TPN....
We are impatiently awaiting the day we can say goodbye to his girlfriend Ivy for good.

Re: We have a name!

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