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If you love macaroni and cheese...

Make this. Like now. OMG my tummy is so happy right now. Its basically carbs, butter, and lots of cheese.


I learned a few interesting tips about home made mac and cheese through this process -

1. Cook the pasta until it is barely done - very al dente. This give it room to also cook when you bake it and not be mushy. 

2. Unlike spaghetti, which you aren't supposed to rise after cooking, rise the elbow mac to get rid of the starch. Too much starch in the cheese mix can make it gluey.

3. For a smoother texture use white cheeses. Yellow cheeses are fine, but they can be more gritty than white cheese, which melts much smoother. We ended up using yellow sharp cheddar and Monterrey jack cheeses since that's what I had on hand.

Next time I really want to try it with shredded chicken and some broth in there. And bacon - somehow bacon. Mmmmm


Go forth, make mac and cheese, and be happy. <3

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Re: If you love macaroni and cheese...

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