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Pregnant with pelvic Mesh anyone else..

So I am 27 weeks pregnant with pelvic Mesh.. My OBGYN who knew about this from day one and wasn't too concerned about it decided to get rid of me as a patient the day before Thanksgiving. Saying that they can not give me a c section with the mesh they have never did a case like this.. I am too high risk for them even though they are a high risk practice and knew this from day 1. This came 2 weeks after i was in the hospital almost having the baby because her heart rate dropped down to 60.

So now I have found a new doctor through the doctor that put the mesh in and I have to meet her next week.. I'm hoping all goes ok and she won't have an issue with doing my csection since a few other practices I called wouldn't take on my case this late in the pregnancy with this issue. I just feel so lost and nervous at this point.. This is my 4th child and the other 3 were csection and the last one was a premie at 35 weeks. Coming this close to the end with GD, no left ovary a cyst on my right ovary. Placenta previa and the old doctor saying I'd be lucky to make it to January. I am starting to really freak out.

Anyone who can relate to any of this would be appreciated. Thank you. 



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