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short term disability insurance

My husband and I are planning on starting to try to get pregnant next July (09).  My employer does not supply any type of maternity leave financial coverage.  I was just wondering if anyone has gotten individual short term disability insurance to cover their maternity leave?  If so what are your thoughts on this and what company did you use?



Re: short term disability insurance

  • my work use Reliance, standard 66% of your gross pay.  It is worth it.

    Need to get coverage before you're pregnant in order to be covered.

  • I haven't but I definitely would get it if you don't have any through work.  I know my life insurance co (Erie) also does disability, I don't know for individuals or not though. Aflac is another one but I think that has to be through work.
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  • AnnieMD, I'm glad to hear it was worth it for someone. I signed up for it (can't remember which co. my work uses) but I wasn't sure if people are really able to use it, since you have to use up your sick days and then hope there's time left in your leave to use some of the short-term disability. It's so inexpensive anyway (I think about $2.50 is taken out monthly from paycheck) that I thought I may as well try. Of course, now I just need to get K/U :)
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  • check with your HR dept. I thought if I have sick days left then I can't use short-term disab. but that wasn't the case.  I had 2 weeks of sick days build up and 1 week of vacation.

    It usually have 7 days "waiting period" then they start the 6 week pay for vaginal delivery, 8 weeks for c-section.

     The check came about 2 weeks after delivery for me, it was late because they had to check w/the doctor for verification.  Now, my check came at 1 time payment.  I'm not sure what other companies will do, perhaps 1 check a week until 6 weeks is over.

  • I got a policy through State Farm when we got married.  You had to have the coverage for at least 10 months before using it for maternity and we had planned on trying right away.  It would of been a good investment if it didn't take us 2 years to get pregnant.

    I would of been better off putting the $90.00 a month in a savings account, I would of ended up with more in the end.

  • The short term disability offered through my employer covers 66% of salary for 6 weeks for vaginal delivery and 8 weeks for c-section.
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